• Smoke Alarm

    Smoke Alarms Save Lives

    Protect your family by ensuring you have smoke alarms installed and working properly. You can learn how in this brochure.


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  • Des Moines - Great Place for a New Business

    The City of Des Moines is a great place to locate or expand your businesses. The Des Moines Office of Economic Development office is dedicated to helping you meet your existing and future development needs.


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Community Education
Community Education
Public Education Programs

The Des Moines Fire department provides a series of fire education programs and services which include; smoke detector familiarization; fire prevention and school education programs; and business file prevention and health care facility in-service.

Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire sprinkler
Fire Prevention

Conducts commercial and fire safety inspections, issues certificate of occupancy and hazardous operations permits, testing of fire protection systems, installation and removal of underground and above ground storage tanks.

Emergency Medical Services
Ambulance and Medical Services

The nearly 300 dedicated men and women who provide basic and advanced pre-hospital care do so with compassion, dignity, and professionalism. We are the largest fire-based emergency medical service in the State of Iowa.