Snow Removal
snow plow
Snow Route Changes

Snow Routes are selected using three criteria:


  • Must be identified as an Arterial or Collector street, or 
  • Must be a Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART) bus route, or
  • Another collector street so that every residence is within approximately four blocks of a snow route.

Parking is prohibited on snow routes while snow is falling and until the street is cleared.  After the street has been cleared and no additional snow accumulation has occurred then parking is permitted on a snow route where parking is allowed.

Streets which no longer have the designation of Snow Route will be plowed as a Residential Street.  The residential streets are plowed after work on the snow routes is completed.  Parking is allowed on the residential streets until plowing operations move from snow routes to residential streets.  To be notified directly when this transition takes place, please click on the "Notifications" tab above and choose your method of notification.

In order to facilitate cleaner, faster snow removal Public Works recommends residents find off-street parking for the duration of the snow removal activities.

See if your address will be on a snow route this winter by entering your address on Show Me My House