Municipal Buildings
Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 

The Building Services Department is dedicated to providing an attractive, clean, accessible, safe and sustainable environment.  Building Services facilitates the city of Des Moines in providing and maintaining essential services that meet the needs of the citizens of Des Moines while maintaining a minimal environmental impact.  All efforts of the department are service-based and satisfactory customer service is an essential component and goal of all department actions.


Vision Statement

Building Services' vision is to achieve customer satisfaction and employee excellence. We value accountability, communication, sustainability, cooperation, safety, fairness and trust. These values are directed toward the pursuit of sustainability in the maintenance and operation of all facilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

Preventive Maintenance

Building Services performs specific written preventive maintenance procedures (such as lubrication, cleaning, changing filters, making adjustments, inspecting roofs and accessories and replacing parts) for structural, electrical and mechanical systems, as well as plumbing and steam equipment on buildings in assigned areas.



Building Equipment Operators do routine maintenance and repairs within their assigned areas and investigate maintenance and operational problems by conferring with building occupants. They also notify occupants of maintenance and operating conditions which may affect them, such as building service interruptions, the reasons behind service interruptions and length of the interruption. Additionally, they respond to initial maintenance requests from building occupants, assess problems and perform necessary repairs or enlist shop support to complete repairs.



Building Services performs inspections of building structural systems, as well as electrical, mechanical, steam and plumbing equipment in assigned areas on a periodic basis in order to determine operating efficiency and to locate and alleviate potential malfunctions. They troubleshoot and repair building structural systems, electrical equipment, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment and controls in assigned areas.



Building Services applies necessary safety precautions while working with electrical, steam, or mechanical equipment and while working on roofs, doors, windows and ceilings and other building system components.