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Sister City CommissionSister City International LogoTo enhance the global profile of the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan area by bridging communities and opening doors with international sister cities for mutual benefit in culture, education, technology, commerce, and economic development.

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Who Serves on the Sister City Commission?

The Commission helps start dialogues between people.  For more information - click here.

To view a list of current members of the Greater Des Moines Sister City Commission - click here.

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Who are our Sister Cities?

Our sister cities were chosen because of special relationships our community developed with certain areas around the world.
Some of our sister cities are the capital cities of provinces which have a region-to-region relationship with Iowa. Many of our sister cities have a resemblance to metropolitan Des Moines in demographics, economics, and geography.

Kofu, JapanKofu, Japan (August 16, 1958)

Kofu, the capitol of Yamanshi Prefecture, is located in the Kofu Basin with the Chichibu and Tami mountains to the east and north, the Japan Alps to the west and Mount Fuji to the south. Kofu is a two-hour train ride from Tokyo and is famous for its hot springs, vineyards, and crystal.

Kofu's Official Web Site (English)

Click here to enjoy a review of the 50th Anniversary Events

A Year in Review

Saint-Etienne, FranceSaint-Etienne, France (May 29, 1985)

Saint-Etienne is located thirty miles south of Lyon, in the valley of the Furan river, between the valleys of the Loire and the Rhone. The city has existed since the 11th century, and has survived plagues, wars, and economic transition to become the ninths largest city in France. Saint-Etienne University offers a full range of courses, with specialized instruction in technical fields being offered at six other local institutes.

Saint-Etienne's Official Web Site (French)

Saint-Etienne Tourism Official Web Site (click flag for English)

November 2005 Visit to Saint-Etienne - 20th Anniversary Celebration and Franco-American Seminar

Celebrate France - Community Events in Des Moines Celebrating the 20th Anniversary

Events held in 2005

The University of St. Etienne

The Saint-Etienne Student Schedule: French  -  English

Information for DMPS 2nd Grade Teachers – February 15, 2010

DMPS - Saint-Etienne Learning Activity Ideas - February 21, 2011

Saint-Etienne, France - Overview

Saint-Etienne - City of Design (French)

Iowa Culinary Institute - French Chefs, DMACC

Saint-Etienne School Photos

Saint-Etienne City Photos

Saint-Etienne Trams and Buses for a Cleaner Environment

Saint-Etienne 2008 Delegation Visit/2008 Design Biennial Photos

Shijiazhuang, ChinaShijiazhuang, China (August 8, 1985)

The capital of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang is a vital transportation link connecting the principal railway between Beijing and Gwangong. It's located southwest of Beijing between the Taihang mountains and the central Hebei plains. Although, it's a comparatively new city, Shijiazhuang has a broadly developed economic base which emphasizes the production of textiles, chemicals, and machinery. The land surrounding the city is fertile and well irrigated, and produces wheat, cotton, and a variety of fresh fruits.

Concert Reunites Students from West Des Moines and China

October 2005 Mayor's Visit to Shijiazhuang

Stavropol, RussiaStavropol, Russia (July 27, 1992)

Stavropol, located on the mountain slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, is the capital city of Stavropol, Krai (Iowa's Sister State). The City of Stavropol was founded in 1777 as one of a series of fortresses stretching from the Don to the Terek River between the Black and Caspian Seas. The City is a center for agriculture, government, trade, education, manufacturing, and many institutions of higher education.

Stavropol (City) - Wikipedia

News in English-Russian SOUTH Stavropol

Map of Russia showing Stavropol in Stavropol Krai (Territory)

Russian Culture-History, Ethnic Relations, Urbanism

Russian Business and Social Culture

U.S. Dept. of State - Russian Federation Country Notes

Pristina, Kosovo (November 29, 2018)

Pristina, in east central Kosovo, is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. Geographically, it’s located in the north-eastern part of Kosovo close to the Goljak mountains.

Pristina constitutes the heart of the economy of Kosovo and is of vital importance to the country's stability. The service sector is the most important for the economy of the city and employs more than 75% of work force; the industrial sector employs 20% of the work force; and fishing, farming, and mining employs about 5% of the work force.

The city has a majority Albanian population, alongside other smaller communities. With a municipal population of 204,721 inhabitants (2016), Pristina is the second-largest city in the world with a predominantly Albanian-speaking population, after Albania's capital, Tirana.

Pristina - Wikipedia

Consulate of Kosovo in Des Moines

Des Moines Register articles published fall of 2018

Des Moines Register - Growing Kosovo: How the Iowa National Guard created a decadeslong partnership halfway around the world

Des Moines Register - Iowans in Kosovo find many similarities between Hawkeye State and the Balkans

Des Moines Register - Growing Kosovo: What Iowans can learn from a country bursting with hope

Friends of Kosovo

Map 1

Map 2