Flood Information Center

 The City of Des Moines annually distributes door hangers to properties that are located within Special Flood Hazard Areas, as delineated on Flood Insurance Rate Maps, in an effort to help residents protect themselves. A copy can be found here. In areas that have flooded numerous times in recent years, called repetitive loss areas, we annually mail residents a letter that discusses ways to prepare for flooding, protect from flooding, and to obtain flood insurance. A copy of the letter can be found here.

The City of Des Moines also sends a letter annually to local realtors, lenders, and insurance carriers informing them of what type of information is available to them concerning Special Flood Hazard Areas. All federally insured lending institutions are obligated to require flood insurance of borrowers for properties located within SFHAs beginning with the letter A. A copy of the letter can be found

Additional flood zone information can be found on FEMA's
website, as well as at the central library located downtown at 1000 Grand Avenue. Documents available at this library are listed in a letter from the Library Director, a copy of which can be found here.



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