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  • Welcome to the City of Des Moines

    A major center for insurance, financial services and publishing, Des Moines has a lot to offer, such as affordable housing, short commute times, a diverse population, and was also recently named one of the best places to live on the Silicon Prairie.


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  • Spotlight on Des Moines

    Gray's Lake Park features the 1,400 foot-long Kruidenier Trail pedestrian bridge and a 1.9 mile trail around the lake. "...Residents can walk, bike, boat or fish -- right in the very heart of downtown," said Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie.


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  • Iowa State Capitol

    The Iowa State Capitol is among the most beautiful state capitols in the country with its 275-foot, 23-karat gold leafed dome anchoring the east end of downtown Des Moines.


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  • East Village

    Historic East Village is an eclectic neighborhood of restored historic properties, beautiful streetscapes, and urban living at the foot of the State Capitol.


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  • World Food Prize

    Des Moines is home to the World Food Prize the foremost international award recognizing the achievements in advancing human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.


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Rental Home Inspections

All residential properties not occupied by the legal titleholder are required to have a rental certificate prior to occupancy. Inspectors are also charged with the responsibility of inspecting rental units. Single family and duplex structures are examined every thirty-six months. Structures of larger multiples are inspected every twenty-four months.

Rental Housing Inspection Fees

Application for Rental Certificate

Inspection Check Sheet

City of Des Moines Housing Code


Five Unit or More Multifamily Recycling Guidelines

Multifamily Recycling Plan

Letter to Landlords re: Recycling




Private Home Inspections

Notice - Effective 7/1/2015 Contract Sale Inspection Registration Now $77.50.


 The City of Des Moines requires a contract seller to have residential property inspected by an independent home inspector before its sale.   The results of this inspection are to be provided to the buyer to help them make a more informed decision when purchasing a home.


 Pursuant to Chapter #60 of the Municipal Code, a list of private home inspectors have been recognized by the City of Des Moines for the purpose of performing private home inspections for properties to be sold on contract.


Upon completion of the contract inspection private home inspectors must submit their own form in person or via email to the Community Development Neighborhood Inspections Division located in the Argonne Armory Building, 2nd Floor, 602 Robert D Ray Drive, Des Moines, IA 50309.