Fleur Drive Reconstruction Project
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What is the Fleur Drive Reconstruction Project?

The current plan is to reconstruct Fleur Drive in three separate phases from McKinley Avenue to just north of Bell Avenue. Construction of all three phases will likely be spread out over approximately 4-5 years. The construction limits and anticipated schedule for each phase are shown below:


  • Phase 1: Fleur Drive Northbound Lanes
    from Watrous Avenue to G. Flagg Parkway
    Spring 2019 to Summer 2020
  • Phase 2: Fleur Drive Southbound Lanes
    from Watrous Avenue to Bell Avenue
    Fall 2020 to Fall 2021


  • Phase 3: Fleur Drive Northbound and Southbound Lanes
    from McKinley Avenue to Watrous Avenue
    Spring 2022 to Fall 2022
Why reconstruct Fleur Drive?

Fleur Drive accommodates approximately 30,000 vehicles/day near the intersection with Park Avenue.   The purpose of the reconstruction project is to remove existing deteriorated pavement and reconstruct Fleur Drive to accommodate the high traffic volumes along the roadway.   Storm sewer and water main facilities under Fleur Drive are also in need of repair due their age and deteriorated condition. New sidewalk is also planned along a portion of Phase 1, including the segment of Fleur Drive between Bell Avenue and Gray’s Lake Park. 

 When will construction happen?    

Construction is anticipated to begin in early Spring 2019 and be completed in Summer 2020. Schedule updates will be available on the project Facebook page.  The project schedule for Phase 2 of the reconstruction project will be available as Phase 1 nears completion.  

How much will it cost?

The construction cost for Phase 1 of the project is approximately $7.4 million.  A portion of that cost, $1.2 million, will be funded through Des Moines Water Works.  The remainder was programmed as part of the City's Capital Improvements Project (CIP) budget.

Will roads be closed during construction?

There will be road closures and lane reductions during construction.  Closures and detour routes will be posted on the Road Closure Map on the City's website and on the project Facebook page.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Brett Lewis, City of Des Moines Project Engineer, (515) 283-4024, balewis@dmgov.org