HAWK Pedestrian Signal
What is it?

The HAWK, High-intensity Activated crossWalK, signal is a pushbutton-activated pedestrian signal. The signal provides a way to increase pedestrian safety while reducing the amount of delay for vehicles.


HAWK Pedestrian Traffic Signal 

Where is it?

The City of Des Moines currently has four HAWK signals.  These signals are located near Grand Avenue & Polk Boulevard, Grand Avenue & 2nd Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Pkway & Lincoln Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Pkway & Franklin Avenue.


 HAWK Pedestrian Signal on Grand Avenue at Polk Boulevard

HAWK pedestrian signal on Grand Avenue at Polk Boulevard.


How it Works

The signal remains dark until a pedestrian activates the walk indication by pushing the pushbutton.

The signal will then flash yellow to warn drivers that a pedestrian will begin using the crosswalk.

A steady yellow indication follows advising drivers to stop if safe to do so.

The signal then turns solid red, requiring vehicles to stop at the stop line. The pedestrian will now see the walk indication and proceed into the crosswalk.

Once the walk time is completed, the signal will go to flashing red. This lets the driver know that once they come to a complete stop they may proceed through the intersection if there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The HAWK will return to the dark or "off" position until the pushbutton is activated again.

 (Click to view a diagram of how it works.)

Show it in Action   


<p><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRWFKBH5s7c&feature=feedf" target="_blank" title="View Video about HAWK Signal on YouTube">View Video on YouTube</a></p>

View Video on YouTube



More Information

If you would like to contact the

City of Des Moines

Traffic & Transportation Division

about HAWK signals,

please call (515) 283-4973.