Due to renovations some offices have moved, please check the City Hall Move page for more information.
Licenses and Permits

 Please note: The Traffic and Transportation Office's move back to City Hall has been delayed a week, to March 23rd. If you need to visit their offices, you may want to call ahead at (515) 283-4973.


Licenses, Permits, and Applications 

Please note some documents may still show our old address. We are located at 400 E Court Avenue, 2nd Floor, Des Moines, Iowa.

Traffic & Transportation issues several types of licenses & permits such as:   

Areaway Permits  

  • Areaway permits may be required for encroachments into City Right-of-Way such as awnings, projecting signs, steps, and basements.
  • Contact Traffic and Transportation at (515) 283-4973 regarding more information on this permit.


 House Moving Permits

  • Annual House Moving Company Licenses and individual House Moving Permits are only issued to House Movers with current annual licenses in Des Moines.
  • Contact Traffic and Transportation at (515) 283-4973 regarding more information on this license and permit.


 Oversize Vehicle Moving Permits:

  • Moving Permit Application Instructions - click here.
  • Moving Permit Application - click here.


Parking Permits  *Note: Applications must be submitted 3 working days prior to the request date.*

Special Parking Permits are issued to reserve parking, typically at parking meters

  • Special Parking Permit Instructions & Application - click here.
  • For information regarding Residential Parking Permits contact Traffic and Transportation at (515) 283-4973.     


Pedicab Licenses:

Pedicabs are a device having up to four wheels that transports passengers.  Operators must obtain an annual pedicab license to operate in the city.

  • Pedicab license application is available here.
  • Pedicab license application instructions are available here.
  • City code for Pedicabs is available here.


Traffic Analysis Documents:

  • Overview of Traffic Analysis Process is available here.
  • Traffic Analysis Application is available here.
  • Trip Generation Quick Reference here.
  • Traffic Analysis Policy is available here.
  • Traffic Analysis Template Schedule is available here.
  • Traffic Review Requirements are available here.
  • Traffic Impact Study Requirements are available here.



*Note*:  The City of Des Moines no longer regulates or licenses Vehicles for Hire companies or paratransit companies.  If you would like more information on this change, please click here.

If you would like information regarding 2015 Taxi/Limo Driver's License Refunds, please click here.