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2016 Project Bid List
The table below lists projects with bidding starting in the year 2016
Bid DateActivity IDProject NameAddenda
12/20/201610-2016-010City Hall and Police Station Facade Improvements#1
12/20/201607-2016-008WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segment 2#1
12/6/201612-2014-003Evergreen Avenue Bridge over Easter Lake Replacement#1
12/6/201607-2016-006WRA Eastside Interceptor, Phase 27, Segment 1#3
11/22/201604-2017-0075th & Walnut Parking Garage Closure#1
11/15/201606-2011-005Park Avenue Widening - S.W. 56th Street to S.W. 63rd Street#1
11/8/201610-2017-001Pioneer Columbus Community Center Sprinkler System#1
11/8/201604-2017-0032016 Skywalk HVAC Replacement#1
11/4/201612-2017-002Skywalk Bridge 7D-8D RepairsNone
10/25/201612-2016-002Women of Achievement Bridge Deck Surface Replacement#1
10/25/201611-2016-014Glendale Cemetery Abbey HVAC and Electrical UpgradesNone
10/11/201611-2015-007Allen Park Community Garden RedevelopmentNone
10/11/201611-2016-004Fairmont Park Water Playground#1
10/11/201604-2015-005Traffic Signal Battery Back-UpNone
10/11/201604-2015-006Pedestrian Crossing Signal Upgrades#1
10/11/201604-2016-004Beaver and Madison Traffic Signal Replacement#1
10/4/201604-2016-006WRA Southern Tier Low Lift Pump Station Control Gate Modification#1
9/27/201608-2016-00430th Street and Jefferson Avenue Culvert Replacement at Closes CreekNone
9/27/201610-2013-005Police Station West Entrance Replacement#1
9/20/201604-2015-002Downtown Bicycle Plan Implementation - Phase 2#1
9/20/201612-2014-001South Union Street Bridge over Middle South Creek ReplacementNone
9/13/201608-2014-003Leetown Creekway Channel ImprovementsNone
9/6/201607-2016-002WRA Southern Tier Interceptor, Phase 10, Segment 22#1
8/23/201604-2016-0135th & Keo Parking Garage Stair Replacement#1
8/23/201611-2016-009Principal Park Cub Club Parking Lot ImprovementsNone
8/16/201604-2016-002City-wide Fixed Time Traffic Signal Upgrade - Phase 2None
8/10/201610-2016-011Municipal Service Center Ductwork Modifications#2
8/9/201604-2016-0167th & Center Park and Ride Facility Rehabilitation#2
8/9/201610-2016-009Fire Station No. 5 and No. 9 Reroofing#1
8/9/201606-2016-002Scott Avenue Closure at BNSF Railroad CrossingNone
7/26/201604-2016-015Library Security Camera System Improvements#1
7/26/201610-2016-007Municipal Buildings Reroofing - Contract 1#1
7/26/201606-2016-0142016 City-wide PCC Pavement Restoration ProgramNone
7/26/201606-2016-008S.W. 30th Street Curb and Gutter from Park Avenue to Fox Hollow CircleNone
7/12/201606-2016-0092016-2017 HMA Pavement Scarification and Resurfacing#1
7/12/201610-2016-008Municipal Buildings Reroofing - Contract 2#1
7/12/201610-2016-003Police Station North and South Elevator Replacement#1
7/12/201611-2016-010Pioneer Park Road ReconstructionNone
6/28/201606-2016-0062016 HMA and PCC Partial Depth Repair ProgramNone
6/28/201606-2016-00342nd Street Reconstruction from University Avenue to Forest AvenueNone
6/21/201612-2013-001Grand Avenue Bridge over the Des Moines River Replacement#3
6/7/201607-2016-004WRA Four Mile Creek Improvements – North of Broadway#1
5/24/201611-2016-012Glendale Cemetery Abbey Restoration Phase 1#1
5/24/201608-2016-0012016 Sewer Repair - Contract 1None
5/24/201608-2014-001Yeader Creek Grade Control ImprovementsNone
5/24/201610-2016-004City Hall Improvements#3
5/10/201611-2016-002Four Mile Community Center Parking Lot ImprovementsNone
5/10/201612-2014-007Riverwalk Red Multi-Use Trail Bridge RehabilitationNone
4/26/201606-2016-00556th Street Rehabilitation from Grand Avenue to Ingersoll AvenueNone
4/26/201609-2016-0032016 ADA Sidewalk Ramp Program - Contract 2None
4/26/201609-2016-0012016 Sidewalk Replacement ProgramNone
4/26/201609-2015-002S.E. 14th Street Sidewalk from Park Avenue to Army Post RoadNone
3/22/201604-2016-0072016 Parking Garage Repair Program#1
3/22/201610-2016-0062016 Skywalk Roof ReplacementNone
3/22/201609-2016-0022016 ADA Sidewalk Ramp Program - Contract 1None
3/8/201610-2015-005South Side Library Gasket and Window ReplacementNone
2/24/201610-2016-005Municipal Service Center Overhead Door Replacements#1
2/24/201611-2016-008Glendale Cemetery Dirt BarnNone
2/9/201606-2014-005E. 46th Street and Hubbell Avenue Intersection Improvements#1
2/9/201606-2015-0082015 Roadway Reconstruction ProgramNone
1/26/201609-2014-0012014-2015 Sidewalk ProgramNone
1/26/201611-2015-009Birdland Park Trail ConnectionNone
1/20/201611-2015-002Neal Smith Trail Rehabilitation - Riverview Park to Euclid Avenue#1
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