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Excess Land Overview

The City of Des Moines owns individual parcels of land and right-of-way, which are needed for a many municipal purposes, such as municipal buildings, streets, alleys, airport, parks, urban renewal and storm water management. When a parcel of land is no longer needed for municipal purposes, the City classifies the parcel as "Excess Land" and attempts to sell it. The sale of excess land provides an opportunity for the City to generate revenue from the sales price, as well as increasing the tax base. Future maintenance costs and liability are also eliminated when excess land is sold. Excess land sales are categorized as either "Project Related" or "Non-Project Related" for accounting and maintenance purposes.


No building Information is currently available.

Commercial Zoned Land=Conceptual Development Plan Required Prior to Entering into Purchase Agreement
AddressMore InformationComments
106 12th StReal Estate DivisionClose to W MLK Jr Pkwy
2358 Shaw StReal Estate DivisionNW Corner of Shaw St & SE 24th, Vacation Required
2530 Scott AveReal Estate DivisionNorth of E MLK Jr Pkwy @ SE 25th Ct, Vacation Required
350 SE 18th StReal Estate DivisionNW Corner of SE 18th and E MLK Jr Pkwy
4315 SE 14th StReal Estate DivisionRezoning Required
503 SE 12th StReal Estate DivisionRezoning Required, Next to E MLK Jr Pkwy (UNAVAILABLE UNTIL SPRING 2020)
627-721 SE 23rd StReal Estate DivisionAlong SE 23rd St S. of E MLK Jr Pkwy, Vacation Required
728-732 SE 24th StReal Estate DivisionAccess to SE 23rd Ct, Vacation Required
909 Raccoon StReal Estate DivisionRezoning and Vacation Required, Next to E MLK Jr Pkwy
Indianola Ave Excess Right of WayReal Estate DivisionFrom E Dunham to SE 1st, Vacation Required
SW Leland Ave and SW 63rd StReal Estate DivisionHwy. 28
Residential Zoned Land
AddressMore InformationComments
2288 Saylor RdReal Estate DivisionNW corner of Guthrie Av and Saylor Rd, Vacation Required
3901 SW 42nd StReal Estate Division10+ ACRES, Zoned R1-80
Alley and Street Right-of-Way

Complete the Right-of-Way Request Form to initiate a request for vacation and conveyance of alley or street right-of-way.

Requests for the vacation and conveyance of alley and street right-of-way are reviewed by the City staff and the requests are presented to the City's Plan and Zoning Commission and City Council for approval or denial. If the request is approved by the City Council, then the Real Estate Division completes the conveyance process. If an alley or street right-of-way has already gone through this process and is vacated by ordinance, then you only need to submit your request to the Real Estate Division for consideration by sending an email to Residential zoned rights-of-way are sold at nominal value and Commercial zoned rights-of-way are sold at fair market value.

For further information about the sales process, email your questions to or call (515) 283-4561.

Urban Renewal Business Parks

The City's Office of Economic Development markets and negotiates the sale of City-owned land located in the City's urban renewal business parks. Several City-owned parcels are currently available for sale for commercial development, subject to certain terms and conditions.
Click here for contact and general information about the location and availability of these parcels.