Fire Prevention Bureau


The Fire Prevention Bureau is located on the 2nd floor of the Des Moines Fire Department’s Administration building (2715 Dean Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50317).  To contact us please call: 515.283.4240 or email: or fax: 515.283.4907. 
The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) consists of the Fire Marshal, one Fire Protection Engineer, two Senior Fire Prevention Inspectors assigned to Fire Investigation, six Fire Prevention Inspectors, and one stores/inventory clerk. Together the staff of the Fire Prevention Bureau carry out our mission statement, “Through education, investigation, engineering, and enforcement the Des Moines Fire Department Fire Prevention Section is committed to protection the members of the Des Moines Fire Department and the citizens and guests of the City of Des Moines from the hazards of fire.” We believe this mission is carried out through six primary methods: 1.) Investigation 2.) Education 3.) Enforcement 4.) Engineering 5.) Emergency Response and 6.) Economic Incentive. This report will summarize the activities and accomplishments of each of these functional areas during the past year.
The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts fire inspections in commercial buildings for city and state licenses, certificate of occupancy permits, general fire safety inspections, hazardous operations permits, acceptance testing of fire protection systems, and installation and removal of underground and above ground storage tanks. Other duties include the handling of both citizen and Fire Department officer complaints, plan review for compliance with the International Fire Code (2012 edition), coordination of lock box installations, in-service training for company officers, issuance of false alarm (as defined by City Ordinance) citations, in-service training for the business community, general fire safety presentations, and public education presentations. To arrange for an inspection, test of fire protection systems or fire safety presentation, please call us at (515) 283-4240 to schedule, or you can fax us at (515) 283-4907.
The Des Moines Fire Prevention Bureau also delivers presentations on fire safety to civic groups, schools, churches and other organizations.
In-service training sessions are conducted for health care facilities.
Fire extinguisher training sessions are conducted upon request.
Holiday safety tip brochures are also available.
Junior Fire Marshal - Freddie
Freddie is a dedicated servant to the Fire Prevention Bureau, serving to spread his fire safety message to kids of all ages through song, dance, flashing lights and speech. Children love to hear his message as they dialogue with Freddie and quickly become friends.
Freddie and his firefighter friend teach fire safety to children. He talks about STOP, DROP AND ROLL, What is a Smoke Detector, Exit Drills In the Home, When to dial 9-1-1 and Matches Are Tools Not Toys.
You can often find Freddie at a local pre-school or elementary schools, most fire prevention events and during Fire Prevention Week you can usually find him hanging around at the local mall. Often when Freddie visits the mall, he takes along his life-long pal, Sparky the Firehouse Dog.
If you're planning a special Fire Safety Event and would like to invite Freddie to attend, you may call the Fire Prevention Office at (515) 283-4240.