DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY:  You are listed on the Polk County Assessors page as the homeowner.  If you are renting, please contact your landlord, they are required to provide smoke alarms per the City Municipal Code.

CONFIRM NEED FOR ASSISTANCE:  Your financial situation or income level prevents you from purchasing the smoke alarms on your own.  We hope those who can afford to purchase their own smoke alarms will not abuse this program, so that those who need them can have them. 

DETERMINE NUMBER OF ALARMS NEEDED:  Check your home for current working smoke alarms and test to ensure that they work.  Count the number of alarms that need to be added to protect each floor and bedroom in the home. Remember: you should have one alarm on each floor and one in each bedroom.

SCHEDULE VIDEO VIEWING AND ALARMS PICK-UP TIME:  Call or e-mail the Fire Prevention Bureau at 515-283-4240 or

WATCH VIDEO AND PICK-UP ALARMS:  Drive to our facility on the east side of Des Moines at 2715 Dean Ave, and park in the visitor lot by the flagpole.  Enter on the east side and call on phone provided in the stairwell.

You will complete and sign an application form, watch the smoke alarm installation video, and then be given your alarms to take home with you.

INSTALL DETECTORS:  Within 7 days, you will install the smoke alarms as directed by the video and manufacturer’s instructions.

FINAL STEP:  Notify our office by phone or e-mail that you have successfully installed the alarms and have encouraged others to do the same.

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Smoke Alarm

In order to support programs like this that give free smoke alarms to those who cannot afford to buy their own, we are in need of your donations. If you would like to donate to your fellow neighbor, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 283-4240. We cannot accept monetary donations, but we can accept donations of smoke alarms.

To ensure we provide a consistent smoke alarm, we are only accepting: dual sensor smoke alarms with long life (also called 10 year) batteries. If you have questions about what types of smoke alarms we are looking for, please call us at 283-4240.

Thank you for your support and for helping your fellow Des Moines neighbor!