• Rental Property Owners Needed

    Do you have vacancies in your rental properties that you are trying to fill? If so, the City of Des Moines, Municipal Housing Agency (DMMHA) administers a rental assistance program for Polk County and is looking for property owners to participate in the program.


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  • Des Moines - Great Place for a New Business

    The City of Des Moines is a great place to locate or expand your businesses. The Des Moines Office of Economic Development office is dedicated to helping you meet your existing and future development needs.


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The City of Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency (DMMHA) Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary self-sufficiency program which coordinates housing assistance with public and private resources to enable assisted families to achieve economic self-sufficiency. This is accomplished by providing linkages to resources within the community, case management, and education through workshops. These resources can assist FSS participants in obtaining opportunities for education, job training, counseling and other forms of assistance that will lead to economic independence and to maintain self-sufficiency.  
The objective of the FSS Program is to reduce the dependency on welfare assistance and housing assistance.    Use of housing as a stabilizing force permits the families to invest their energy in other efforts - including employment, education, and job training, all necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. The FSS Program utilizes a holistic approach as best practice for providing services and assisting families to Coordinators reassess the situation monthly and adjust supports and services for the family as necessary. The FSS Coordinator works with each participant to bundle appropriate supports and services and to establish a goal plan for moving toward self-sufficiency.  
The FSS Program has used UWCI funding to employ an additional part-time FSS Coordinator which increases the number of participants the FSS Program is able to serve. This additional staff person also increases the number of partnerships with other agencies the FSS Program is able to seek out and maintain. The FSS Program will continue to utilize UWCI renewal funding in the same manner to serve more participants than would be able to if only HUD FSS grant funding were available.