Police Benefits

All benefits listed below apply to regular full-time employees.


Health Insurance

The City of Des Moines offers health insurance through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Benefits and rates are effective July 1, 2017 and are subject to change July 1, 2018. 

Blue Choice Option 1
Blue Choice Option 2
 Blue Access
Deductible (Single/Family)
Out of Pocket Maximum (Single/Family)
Co-Pay Office Visits
Prescription Co-Pay
$5 or 25%                whichever is greater
 Employee Contribution (% of Total Premium)

Employee Contribution ($ per biweekly pay)

Single: $17.80
Family: $44.51
Single: $16.59
Family: $41.47
Single: $26.33
Family: $65.83

Blue Choice Option 1 Coverage Manual

Blue Choice Option 2 Coverage Manual

Blue Access Coverage Manual


Dental Insurance

The City of Des Moines provides dental insurance through Delta Dental. No contribution is required for single or family coverage.


Delta Dental Summary of Benefits


Group Term Life

The City provides $25,000 in life insurance.


Flex Spending Accounts

The City provides employees an option of enrolling in medical and/or dependent care flex spending account administered by Kabel Business Service.


A medical spending account allows the employee to set aside before-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses that are not paid by insurance, the employer, or reimbursed by any other source.  The annual election maximum is based on the plan’s design.  The annual election that the employee determines is irrevocable once the employer’s open enrollment period is over unless the employee experiences a status change.  The election must be requested for reimbursement for services within the plan year and/or while actively participating in the plan.

A dependent care spending account allows the employee to set aside before-tax dollars to pay for day care expenses for children under the age of 13 or for adult day care for a disabled spouse or other disabled dependent. The usual IRS rules about what constitutes eligible dependent care expenses apply. A maximum of $5,000.00 can be set aside in a dependent care spending account for each plan year for married couples filing joint tax returns and single head of household tax returns. Married couples filing separate returns are allowed to claim a maximum of $2,500.00 each.


457 Deferred Compensation Plan 

Employees may participate in a 457 deferred compensation plan administered by Nationwide. Employees are eligible for a matching contribution by the City not to exceed 2.5% of the employee's gross salary. Participation in this plan allows you to set income aside for retirement and the deferral reduces the amount of gross taxable income. 



In recognition of continuing City service, permanent employees are eligible to receive compensation in addition to their regular pay based on their years of continuing years of service.


Years of Service Percent of pay
5 1%
10 2%
14 3%
18 4%
22 5%
26 6%


Retirement - Municipal Police and Fire Pension System of Iowa (411)

The purpose of the 411 Chapter is to provide for the payment of pensions to retired members and members incuring disabilities, and to the surviving spouses and dependents of deceased members. Any member age 55, serving 22 years or more, may retire upon written application ot the system at least 30 days prior to the desired retirement date. Contact 411 at 254-9200 for more information.


Tuition reimbursement

$2,400 per fiscal year


Sick Leave Accrual Rate

Employees earn 8 hours of sick leave per month and sick leave is allowed for recovery from an illness or injury, medical appointments or an emergency illness of an immediate family member.


 Vacation Leave Annual Accrual Rates

Years of Service Days Per Year
<7 10
7 to <12 15
12 to <19 20
19+ 25


Holiday Leave

11 paid holidays per year


For Police positions other than Regular Full-Time please consult the contract for benefit levels.