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City of Des Moines Employee Wellness Program


Wellness Committee

Vision and Mission Statement


Vision: To engage city employees in personal wellness and healthy lifestyles.


Mission: We will strive to provide integrated programs and resources that promote a culture of health and wellness which lead to heightened personal performance and reduced health expenditures.

We shall also strive for…


Programs customized to suit the culture of our organization varied enough to meet the needs and preferences of different segments of the City’s workforce


Ongoing communication to the City’s workforce through strategically placed bulletin boards at work locations, individual email messages, check stuffers and through department champions talking with their peers about program offerings and encouraging participation


Programming that is comprehensive, integrated and diversified as wellness programs work best when they span a wide range of activities


Celebration of individual and team achievements


Allowing individual departments to tailor their own program and supporting those efforts


Philosophy:  Wellness is “striving for health through mind, body and spirit.” Wellness incorporates all aspects of being including social, emotional, environmental, mental, occupational, physical, and spiritual.

Committee Members

Brian Becker - Park and Recreation

Heather Brady - Human Resources

David Colvig - Engineering

Ann DiDonato - Legal

Barry Garland - Public Works

Jon Hobbs - Library

Kyle Huber - Fire Department

Carrie Kruse - Finance

Penny Orewiler - Community Development

Glory Parks - City Manager

Lisa Pederson - Human Resources

Matt Porter - Fire Department

Dan Ritter - Finance

Warren Steinkamp - Police Department

Shelly Tyler - City Clerk

Cathy Whitfield - Community Development