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Human Rights Commission Complaint Process

The Commission is an Impartial Investigative Agency, which seeks to determine through investigation, if a person was treated unfairly in violation of the City Code we enforce.

Complainants are responsible for: maintaining contact with the Commission; providing a contact person; and providing evidence; or the names of witness(s) that supports their allegations.
The Commission is charged with providing a "Public Service" to the community and is supported as part of City Government.
A timely resolution of cases is dependent upon cooperation of all involved parties. Although investigations are begun in a timely manner, it is not unusual to experience delays. A complainant may elect to proceed into court by retaining an attorney and filing for a letter to sue after the case has been on file with the agency for 60 days.
Step 1 – Filing
The Commission will assist you in the preparation and filing of a complaint. The complaint must be filed within 300 days of the most recent discriminatory incident.
Complaint forms may be obtained online. 

Step 2 – Intake
Any inquiry approved by the Director or Investigator that meets jurisdictional requirements.


Step 3 – Mediation
The Commission will attempt to resolve your complaint before investigation, if both parties agree to mediation.

Step 4 – Investigation
If mediation fails, the Human Rights Commission will conduct an impartial investigation.  For more information regarding the investigative process click here

Step 5 - Litigation
If an appropriate remedy cannot be obtained, the Commission may proceed to a public hearing to assist you in taking the matter to court.