Gray's Lake Park Bicycle Rental Program

Bicycle rental services will be available at Gray’s Lake Park’s concession stand daily starting April 14 (weather permitting) from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. The bikes are available in young adult and adult sizes. Bicycle rates are as follow: 

Hybrid or Mountain Bike                     Road Bike
$10.00/hr                                              $10.00/hr
$20.00 for a ½ day (5 hours)              $20.00 for a ½ day (5 hours)
$30.00 for a full day (24 hours)          $40.00 for a full day (24 hours)
$80.00 for a week (7 days)                 $110.00 for a week  (7 days) 
The following also applies to the program:
o   Bike rentals include a helmet, which renters must wear while riding.
o   A credit card and photo ID are required for use of the equipment.
o   All bikes must remain on hard surfaces unless renting a mountain bike.


Renters are encouraged to enjoy the expansive Greater Des Moines trail system through this program; s map of the trails in central Iowa is provided at the concession stand free of charge with or without a rental.
Bikes are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis and equipment of various sizes and styles are subject to availability. Advance reservations for specialty bicycles (i.e. tandem, recumbent, trail bike or bicycle child trailer) or equipment of a specific size can be made with the use of a credit card by calling the concession stand at least 48 hours in advance at 242-2855.
Des Moines Parks and Recreation has entered into an agreement with Bike World to provide both the equipment and repair of the bicycles and equipment for this new program.