National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project - VOLUNTEER NOW!
Project Information

The City of Des Moines, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, annually participates in the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. This effort provides a standardized methodology for counting and surveying bicyclists and pedestrians. The data compiled from these counts are extrapolated through a formula that considers time of day, day of the week, and local climate in order to estimate our City’s annual user counts. 

Why is this project important?
This information is extremely valuable for identifying where new bicycle and pedestrian facilities should be constructed, evaluating the effectiveness of such facilities, and applying for grant funding to maintain existing facilities and build new connections.  

We Hope You’ll Join Us in 2016
In 2015 we counted on Tuesday, September 15, Wednesday, September 16  and on Saturday, September 19 at 27 locations.  Volunteers are rewarded for their time with a choice of a free bike rental at Gray’s Lake Park for each time they volunteer or receiving a free 2016 Des Moines Mayor's Annual Ride registration for volunteering for more than one spot.  Most locations will work best with two volunteers (one counting and one distributing survey cards), so we encourage you to sign up with a friend so that you will have even more fun.  It’s a great way to spend time with family, too.

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2016 project dates will be announced by April 2016

For more project-specific information, please contact Jenny Richmond, Park Planner at (515) 248-6360 or  For volunteering related questions, please contact Callie Le’au Courtright at (515) 248-6380 or