Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries

The Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries offer professional information, guidance and support.
Space, lots, and plots are available at three of Des Moines cemeteries, Elm Grove, Glendale and Laurel Hill.


Cemetery Interment Search

Use the Cemetery Search to look for interments within the City of Des Moines' cemeteries. The search can use the cemetery, partial first and last names, and interment (burial) date range. The lookup includes interments from the following cemeteries:

  • Glendale
  • Woodland and St. Ambrose
  • Laurel Hill
  • Oak Grove
  • Sims
  • Elm Grove
Adopt Our PlotsCemetery Stewards

Glendale, Oak Grove, Sims, Laurel Hill, Woodland  and St. Ambrose Cemeteries

Enjoy the peace and serenity of your historic surroundings while maintaining and preserving monuments and plots as a volunteer steward of Des Moines' cemeteries. Picking up litter, trimming around monuments, cutting back dead flowers, and monitoring for holes, sunken grave stones and vandalism are some of the small tasks to complete on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the block you choose. Blocks range from a fourth of an acre to an acre. Schedule a regular time that works best for you, your family or your group. Training and supplies are provided. For more information, call (515) 248-6320.

Cemetery Information

Glendale Cemetery  Please call Glendale Cemetery office at 515-248-6320 for price information.

Laurel Hill Cemetery  Please call Glendale Cemetery office at 515-248-6320 for price information.

Removal of Cemetery Decorations

On March 15,  weather permitting,  Park and Recreation cemetery staff will begin removing all memorial decorations that have been placed on gravesites in Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries over the winter.   Friends and relatives who have decorated gravesites with materials they would like to keep must remove them by no later than Sunday, March 15, 2015, or they will be discarded.  This pertains to all Des Moines Municipal Cemeteries locations:

• Glendale – 4909 University Ave.
• Woodland and Saint Ambrose – 2019 Woodland Ave.
• Laurel Hill – 3601 East Court Ave.
• Oak Grove – 3903 SW 31st St.
• Sims – 3605 East University Ave.
• Elm Grove – 6501 Indianola Rd.

 For more information pertaining to any of these locations, contact the Des Moines Municipal Cemetery Customer Service and Sales office at 515-248-6320, or cem@dmgov.org


Cemetery Facts

Did you know that the Glendale Lake and Roadways were built by the Works Progess Administration in 1938 - 1939?
To learn more facts about Glendale Cemetery, click here.

Did you know that State Historical Records list Sims Cemetery as: Harris Cemetery, Agency Burying Ground, Four Mile Cemetery, and Sims Burying Ground? Click here to learn more facts about Sims Cemetery.