Community Gardens
Community Gardening

A community garden is an area used for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, which has been collaboratively created and is maintained by members of the public. A community garden can take place on public or private land and can involve a broad cross-section of the public, as in a neighborhood community garden. Or it can involve specific sectors of the population, such as a school garden that involves students, teachers, parents and other community members who support the garden for education. Please see the Community Garden Handbook for a step-by-step how to start your own community garden.

If you aren't gardening you can still help us by being a volunteer. Contact us at to see what we have going on in the garden.

For information on community gardening on vacant City of Des Moines land (outside of the parks), please contact David Colvig, Real Estate Coordinator, at or call 515-283-4984.

Community Garden Commitment

Gardening is a commitment but can be an enjoyable and educational experience and a great way to get fresh, locally-grown organic foods. Our gardeners not only grow in their plots but must volunteer to help with the communal tools, sheds and spaces to keep our garden looking beautiful. Gardeners help with garden communications, grant-writing, photography, tool maintenance and more. Dependent on size, gardeners host workdays or gatherings to help maintain their space.

Gardeners also try and be part of the answer in our community and will continue the Food Rescue/Donation Committee in the Franklin Garden. The committee will sign up to monitor production throughout the season and help gardeners identify if there is excess that we can help donate to someone in need. They also have adopted a plot specifically for food donation and are encouraging others to participate in Plant a Row for the Hungry.