Community Gardens
Garden Application Process

Returning Gardeners

Qualified returning gardeners who have successfully met the garden requirements as part of our signed agreement from the previous season may reapply during this time period. The garden agreement covers weedy and unkempt garden, behavior, volunteering and other community principles to make our gardens a safe, fun and healthy opportunity for all gardeners. If gardeners do not take care of their assigned plots, garden monitors and staff notify them. If they do not take care of their notice within a week, they will be removed and another person will have the opportunity to garden by applying for their released plot online.

New Applicants

Any remaining plots will be opened online for new applicants. New gardeners may rent a single plot their first year. This policy ensures new gardeners can maintain and care for a single plot before committing to additional garden plots. New applicants are welcome to view the garden maps for openings. Garden registration will begin March 12, 2019.


Open Reservation Period

The 2019 open reservation period will begin April 1, 2019. Both returning gardeners and/or new gardeners may rent whatever plots are available in an effort to keep the garden full, maintained and weed-free. We will continue to place new gardeners in 2019 as plots open up. Please check our availability or let us know if you are interested in renting a plot.

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Availability and Application

Click here to view facility availability or to apply online.

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