• Adult Indoor Wiffleball Registration

    Des Moines Parks and Recreation offers Adult Indoor Wiffleball for you & your friends. Teams may be composed of all men, all women or co-ed. League play will begin Jan. 4 & games will be played at Pioneer Columbus Community Center. Cost is $60/team, which includes an 8-week schedule & an end-of-season tournament.


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  • Des Moines - Great Place for a New Business

    The City of Des Moines is a great place to locate or expand your businesses. The Des Moines Office of Economic Development office is dedicated to helping you meet your existing and future development needs.


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Illustration of bird roosting in a tree at sunriseEnvironmental Project and Education


The Park and Recreation Department has a goal to expand its conservation efforts through Gray’s Lake programming and education that will provide the public with the resources to further their enjoyment of outdoor experiences and knowledge tools to implement their own practices.  The Park serves as a classroom for these efforts through bird watching, nature walks, nature art programs, fishing clinics, plant and wildlife classes, etc.


In January 2004, the Park and Recreation Department began assessing opportunities for native landscaping in our park system. The Urban Prairie Project marked the beginning of an effort to integrate small pockets of native prairie into the landscape of several Des Moines parks, schools, and community green spaces. These Urban Prairies will serve as both educational resources and spaces for repose and relaxation.


Native plants are also being added to the park system in the form of rain gardens, garden-like plantings designed specifically to soak up storm water and reduce run-off. Rain gardens like those found in the city park system can be used in homes, businesses, and schools to help reduce storm water run-off and water pollution in Iowa.


To guide these efforts, the Park and Recreation Department has assembled an Urban Conservation Advisory Committee to the Park Board. The mission of this committee is to promote a park management philosophy that is holistic and ecologically based through policies that direct the planning, design and maintenance of healthy green space in the City of Des Moines toward protection and enhancement of the natural environment.


These changes mark an exciting movement toward a more environmentally friendly Park and Recreation Department. Come out and get involved! 


Urban Forestry Plan

 The City of Des Moines’s urban forest is a significant public asset. Understanding its value and managing it in a manner consistent with other assets is critical to good stewardship. 

 Urban Forestry Plan