Gray’s Lake Shoreline Restoration

The Park and Recreation Department has several shoreline projects planned for Gray’s Lake during 2011. These projects are the result of a site review that was part of the planning phase of the east shoreline improvement project.  Starting in fall 2011 , restoration work will begin along the east shoreline of Gray’s Lake and continue through spring 2012. More Information

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Gray’s Lake East Shoreline

Plans are in place for some late summer restoration work along the east shoreline of Gray’s Lake. Repeated flood events have left this area weedy and difficult to access, in addition to creating erosion problems. The new project (funded in large part by a grant from the IDNR REAP fund) will include grading steep or eroded bank areas to a more stable slope followed by planting with a wide variety of native plants suitable for the site.

A less obvious but important improvement will be the natural tendency of native plant to develop deep and extensive root systems which will stabilize the shoreline from further erosion. In the long term these deep rooted native plants will not only enhance wildlife habitat and stabilize the shoreline, but will improve water quality via better storm water infiltration.

Gray’s Lake Outlet Channel and Northwest Shoreline

In the process of compiling a complete lakeshore assessment the outlet channel responsible for draining the lake was found to have accumulated enough silt to prevent it from functioning efficiently. The drainage channel will be returned to its original state and a routine maintenance program will be implemented to prevent the problem from recurring.

Severe erosion was noted on a portion of the northwest shore. Work will include stabilizing a portion of the northwest shoreline.