Natural Resources & Wildlife
urban prairie project

Des Moines Parks and Recreation has integrated small of the Urban Prairie Project has create small pockets of native prairie plants throughout the City of Des Moines that serve as both educational resources and spaces for recreation. These spaces will be located in city parks, schools, and other institutions.  
In schools, these pockets of prairie will serve as outdoor classrooms for children and allow for field trip opportunities right in the schoolyard. In parks, these plantings will reduce erosion, decrease the run-off of chemicals into our waters, and create habitats for animals. Throughout the city, these prairie plants will provide a picture of Iowa’s past, an opportunity to learn about a fascinating and rapidly disappearing ecosystem, and a uniquely beautiful landscape that will return a small measure of Iowa’s wildness to the city. For more about the goal of this project and more about prairies click here. 

Prairie Areas

Prairie areas can be found at various places throughout Des Moines.  See the list of parks and complexes with prairie areas below: