Natural Resources & Wildlife
prescribed burn program

In nature fire is essential to maintain the integrity of the native prairie and woodland plant species located in our parks.  Fire is a natural occurrence that helps the plant and animal communities in a park and controlled burning offers a safer way to use fire in a helpful manner.  The benefits of prescribed burns include:

  • Aid in reducing the undesirable plants from invading our prairie and woodlands
  • Help maintain a rich diversity of wildflowers and grasses
  • Encourage oak and other native trees to naturally regenerate in our woodlands
  • Decrease threat of a wildfire by decreasing the accumulation of combustibles
  • Benefit water quality by aiding in the establishment of deep-rooted natives
  • Improve the natural beauty and enjoyment of our parks

Experienced park staff conduct the prescribed burns.  The Parks Burn Crew has been certified in accordance with a nationally-standardized testing program for professionals participating in wild-land burns.  Park staff members have studied fire behavior and fire control techniques to ensure the safety of the burn crew, residents and private property.