Des Moines Trails
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About Trails

We invite you to experience all that this extensive trail system has to offer . . . you'll find it to be your way of connecting with places, nature, friends and culture. Discover and enjoy the bustling downtown of Iowa's capital city and the historic town squares of our small rural communities, all by trail!

With over 550 miles of existing trails (63 within Des Moines) and many more planned, you can run, walk, in-line skate or bicycle. Whether you are out for an afternoon of exercise, commuting to work or enjoying the scenery on a family outing, the trails are yours to enjoy and protect.


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Trail Safety & Etiquette


  • Show courtesy to other trail users.
  • Always wear a helmet if bicycling.
  • Share the trail and keep to the right, except to pass.
  • When passing, alert other trail users and use caution.
  • Respect the trail environment and neighboring land.
  • Do not wander off onto private property. Stay on the trail.
  • Obey trail signs and move to the side when taking in a scenic view.
  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times; remove pet feces from trails.
  • Be safe.  In case you are injured, know your location and bring a cell phone or travel with a buddy.