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Upcoming Recreational Sports Registration Periods
We want your team on our team!


We have championship play for ages 3 through 93.

Three through six year olds are offered Pee Wee Sports programs in soccer and basketball at both Pioneer-Columbus and Robert L. Scott-Four Mile Community Centers every fall and winter, as well as an outdoor soccer program in the Spring played at James W. Cownie Soccer Complex.   Parent coaches and staff help teach basic skills and how to be a team member, in each sport.  Parents and grandparents, get ready to laugh, you can’t miss these camera moments.

We have a league for your team in our Boys’ and Girls’ Youth Basketball program.  Each division plays a twelve game league schedule, including a season ending city tournament.  Yes, “March Madness” is in the youth basketball world. Our program receives many compliments about the organization and overall quality of play. Make your weekend full of game time fun.

Who’s #1; Des Moines Parks and Recreation’s Adult Sports Leagues, that’s who!!!  Men’s, Women’s and Coed teams register every year for Softball (Spring, Summer & Fall), Flag Football and Basketball leagues. Enjoy friendly competition and a night out with family and friends, while getting that healthy workout. Just when you think you lost it, you’ll quickly realize you still have it…send me in coach, I’m ready to play.

NEW leagues have formed for Adult Indoor Wiffle Ball, as well as Pee Wee Indoor Wiffle Ball.  An old time favorite is making a comeback with our Adult Kickball League and our Adult Bags League is keeping in step with the latest hot trend. 

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If you have any questions, please contact athletics, at dmsports@dmgov.org.


Peewee Sports (Ages 3-6)
Sport NameRegistration PeriodCostSchedulePlay BeginsOnline Registration
Basketball Nov 1 - Jan 1$40.006 SessionProgram Early FebRegister Here
Flag FootballJune 1 - Aug 1$40.006 Session ProgramEarly SepRegister Here
Soccer - Fall - Indoor July 1 - Sept 1$40.006 Session ProgramEarly OctRegister Here
Soccer - Spring - OutdoorJan 1 - Mar 15$40.006 Session Program Mid-AprilRegister Here
Wiffle ball Jan 1 - Mar 1$25.004 Session ProgramLate MarRegister Here
Youth Sports (Grades 1-7)
Sport NameRegistration PeriodCostSchedulePlay BeginsOnline Registration
Basketball - Indiv.Aug 1 - Oct 1$60.0010 GamesEarly NovRegister Here
Basketball - Team Aug 1 - Oct 1$550.0010 GamesEarly NovRegister Here
Flag Football - Indiv.July 1 - Sept 10$50.006 GamesMid-SeptRegister Here
Flag Football - TeamJuly 1 - Sept10$475.006 GamesMid-SeptRegister Here
Soccer - Indiv.Jan 1 - Mar 1$50.006 GamesEarly AprilRegister Here
Soccer - TeamJan 1 - Mar 1$475.006 GamesEarly AprilRegister Here
Volleyball - Indiv.Mar 1 - May 1$50.006 GamesEarly JuneRegister Here
Volleyball - TeamMar 1 - May 1$475.006 GamesEarly JuneRegister Here
Adult Sports (Team Registration)
Sport NameRegistration PeriodCostSchedulePlay BeginsOnline Registration
Basketball Oct 1 - Nov 1$375.0010 GamesLate NovRegister Here
Bags - FallJuly 1 - Aug 15$35.006 gamesEarly SeptRegister Here
Bags - SummerApril 1 - June 1$35.006 gamesEarly JuneRegister Here
Flag Football - State Sept 1 - Oct 1$160.00TournamentLate OctRegister Here
Flag Football July 1 - Aug 15$250.007 GamesEarly SeptRegister Here
Kickball - FallJuly 1 - Aug 15$195.007 GamesEarly SeptRegister Here
Kickball - Summer Feb 1 - April 1$195.007 GamesEarly MayRegister Here
Pre-Corporate - DodgeballFeb 13 - Mar 26$100.004 GamesLate AprilRegister Here
Pre-Corporate - KickballFeb 13 - April 16$100.004 GamesLate MayRegister Here
Pre-Corporate - BasketballFeb 13 - April 16$100.004 GamesMid-MayRegister Here
Pre-Corporate - UltimateFeb 13 - May 14$100.004 GamesMid-JuneRegister Here
Softball - Blarney Blast Jan 1 - Mar 1$105.00TournamentMid-MarRegister Here
Softball - Dist Fastpitch May 1 - June 1$140.00TournamentEarly JulyRegister Here
Softball - Fall July 1 - Aug 15$195.007 GamesEarly SeptRegister Here
Softball - SnoBall Dec 1 - Jan 1$105.00TournamentLate JanRegister Here
Softball - Spring Jan 1 - Mar 1$100.004 GamesEarly AprilRegister Here
Softball - Summer Feb 1 - April 1$390.0014 GamesLate AprilRegister Here
Ultimate Frisbee - Indiv.May 1 - July 15$25.0020 GamesMid-AugRegister Here
Wiffle ball Nov 1 - Dec 15$60.0016 GamesEarly JanRegister Here