Dog Park Permits Available at the City Clerk's Office
Dog Park Rules (Ewing, Reno, and Riverwalk)

All City of Des Moines park rules apply, in addition to the following:

  • Annual permit is required to be worn by dog owners or handlers and visible at all times while inside the facility
  • High risk dogs must remain on a leash in the dog park as per ordinance 18-55 (a) (6)
  • Handlers must pick-up and dispose of their dog’s waste
  • Dog handlers must be no less than 16 years of age
  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed within the facility and those ages 10 to 15 must be accompanied by a person age 18 or older
  • Handlers are allowed to supervise a maximum of two dogs
  • Dogs weighing more than 20 pounds are not allowed in the small dog area of the facility
  • Dogs weighing less than 20 pounds are allowed in all areas of the facility
  • Pinch, choke, and spike collars must be removed prior to entering the facility
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in the facility
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash until entering and upon exiting the facility
  • Handlers should be in the actual physical presence of dogs at all times
  • Use of the facility is at the owner’s/handler's own risk
  • Owners are responsible and liable for any damage caused by their dogs while visiting the facility
  • Human food is not allowed in the facility

Note: Any dog exhibiting aggressive or unruly behavior in any City of Des Moines dog park facility, as determined by the City of Des Moines, will have its permit revoked without refund.  Failure to comply with rule may result in suspension or revocation of permit.