Community Outreach
  • Asian Outreach Resource Officer (AORO)
  • Currently there are 30,000-40,000 Asians living within this community consisting of more than 20 different ethnic groups. There are 17 organizations in the Asian community, 7 churches 3 temples and more than 50 Asian owned businesses.
  • The Des Moines Police department realized a need to reach out to the Asian Community and created the Asian Outreach Resource Officer position. Officer Doua Lor was given the assignment to make contact with the community on a daily basis to: improve relations between the Asian Community and the police department, to foster a new understanding of the role of Law Enforcement, to welcome more participation by the Asian community to assist law enforcement by reporting crime, and to encourage the recruitment of Asian youth to pursue careers in Law enforcement.
  • The Asian Outreach Resource Officer position was created on September 24, 2007. In 2009 the police department logged 1,368 calls for service from the Asian Community. The program has garnered a positive acceptance from the Asian community and created a new partnership to fight crime and improve the community.
  • Officer Lor speaks four languages; Lao, Thai, Thai Dam and Hmong. He has the resources of 8 other Asian officers within the police department to complete the mission. Officer Doua Lor can be reached at: (515) 971-0792.
  • Crime Free Multi Housing
  • Increasingly, law enforcement finds that crime problems often migrate from apartment communities to condominium rentals and then to single family home rentals. This is especially true for organized crime, marijuana growers, meth labs, and gang activity. These criminals prefer the privacy, extra storage, and absence of daily on-site property management.
  • These private landlords soon find that the problems associated with serious criminal activity are beyond their ability to control. It cannot be solved by law enforcement intervention alone because of landlord and privacy laws To solve the problem it requires a community-based solution like the Crime Free Multi Housing Program.
  • What Is Crime Free Multi Housing?
  • Hispanic Outreach Neighborhood Resource Advocate (H.O.N.R.A.)
  • The H.O.N.R.A. program provides a primary contact within the police department as it pertains to the Latino population. H.O.N.R.A. is under the direction of a sergeant, who coordinates the efforts of the unit. The unit can be reached by calling (515) 237-1464.
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team
  • The Broadlawns Mobile Crisis Response Team consists of a police officer from the Patrol Services Bureau who works under the direction of the Community Outreach and Protective Services Section Supervisor, and a staff of nurses and social workers who provide service to individuals within the community who suffer from various forms of mental illness.
  • Mounted Patrol
  • The Mounted Patrol Unit is a group of police officers, under the coordination of the Community Outreach Supervisor, who provide a contingency of officers on horseback. The mounted patrol serves largely as a community relation function during parades and other events.
  • They may provide an additional element for crowd and traffic control during community functions. Those Involved are required to provide a suitable horse, and assume the responsibility for care, boarding and transportation to and from events. Participation is strictly voluntary, and considered an additional duty assignment.
  • If you are interested in applying, please contact the Des Moines Police Department.
  • Neighborhood Based Service Delivery
  • Select police sergeants and officers are assigned to work with members of other city departments to improve services and enhance quality of life for the residents of designated neighborhoods.
  • These cross-departmental teams work with residents in identifying and prioritizing concerns, planning a course of action and implementing a solution to the problem.
  • Who's My NBSD Officer
  • NBSD Map & Officers
  • Police Athletic League (PAL)
  • The City of Des Moines Police Athletic League (PAL) is a non-profit organization that provide free or affordable after school athletic opportunities to community youth between the ages of 10 and 18 in a safe environment. The program strives to build positive relations among youth, the community, and police officers in a more casual and personable environment.
  • The goal is to develop good character, discipline, leadership skills, sportsmanship, positive values and citizenship in the youth. The mission is to facilitate positive interaction and relationships between police officers and youth to develop successful community members.
  • We accomplish this by offering programs that develop youth confidence, instill trust and respect, and builds character in a structured and safe environment, offering positive daily contact with police officers, and Assisting in the recruitment and retention of youth members and community volunteers.
  • Des Moines Police Boxing Club
  • The Des Moines Police Boxing Club facility is located at 2100 SE 5th. in the Pioneer Columbus Community Center, Des Moines, IA.
  • For more information contact Senior Police Officer John Saunders at (515) 237-1570.
  • Safe Haven for Seniors
  • The Des Moines Police Department has initiated a program called Safe Haven for Seniors. This program was developed with the cooperation of independent living facilities, senior citizens, and the Neighborhood Area Resource Coordinator's office working together to develop a program that would assist retirement facilities with crime prevention and safety related training.
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  • LGBT Liaison
  • The Des Moines Police Department is committed to supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual , Transgender Community by providing a police officer liaison, who speaks to students regarding anti-bullying, attends social functions to make connections, and receives and investigates complaints of harassment or bullying from the LGBT community.

    Sergeant Tina Kalar is our LGBT liaison and is assigned to the Community Outreach Section. She can be reached at 419-6918.
School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit was re-introduced to the Des Moines Public Schools in February, 1998.  One supervisor and eight officers are assigned to the eleven middle schools, five traditional high schools and one alternative high school.  The goal of this program is to create and maintain a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. The officers represent a proactive strategy designed to deal with early intervention and crime prevention in the schools. This program is one of the best examples of community-oriented policing that exists today.

School Resource Officers
  • Sergeant Kenneth Brown, Supervisor
  • Patrol Bureau Headquarters
  • (515) 237-1557