Crimes Against Property

Crimes Against Property Section Responsibilities

The Crimes Against Property Section is composed of five inter-related units:

General Assignment
Property Recovery
Special Assignment
Fire/Arson Investigations

This section handles the largest volume of cases in the Bureau. The nature of these cases includes:

Criminal mischief
Criminal Trespass
Lost/Found Property
Confiscated Property
Fire/Arson Crimes
Identity Theft
Illegal Dumping
Bad Checks
Auto Theft
Animal Abuse
Military Desertion
Tampering/Theft of U.S, Mail
Bomb Investigation 

Normal business hours for the Crimes Against Property Section are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Investigators can be reached by calling (515) 283-4864.  Property Recovery and Arson investigators respond to call-out on a 24 hour basis.

General Assignment Unit Responsibilities

The General Assignment Unit investigators provide follow-up investigation on cases involving a variety of property crimes. These investigators are not assigned to a specific type of crime or location.

Some of the specific duties of the General Assignment unit are:

Interview witnesses and suspects
Track down stolen property
File arrest warrants
Conduct search warrants
Numerous other related duties 

Typical crimes that are investigated by the General Assignment unit are:

Criminal Mischief

Pawn & Gun Control Unit Responsibilities

All pawn shops operating within the City of Des Moines are approved and licensed by the Des Moines City Council and are governed by city ordinance. The Pawn Shop/Gun Control Unit monitors all individuals pawning property and frequently recovers stolen property from area pawn shops. This unit also tracks all firearms coming into the police department's possession. In addition, they receive all found property and attempt to locate the owner. They also monitor all stolen and recovered bicycles in the city. Picture available

Property Recovery Unit Responsibilities

The Property Recovery Unit is a specialized unit of investigators who concentrate their resources where specific patterns of crime are occurring within the city. The investigators perform search warrants, sting operations, and assist patrol officers when needed to recover stolen property. Picture available

Hate Crime Investigation Responsibilities

The City of Des Moines has zero-tolerance for crimes committed with racist, religious, or sexual preference motivation. Our clearance/arrest rate for these type of crimes is close to 100 percent. A crime motivated by hatred allows police investigators to increase the severity of criminal charges. People involved in this activity in the City of Des Moines go to jail.

Arson & Fire Investigation Responsibilities

The Police department teams up with the Fire department in the fight against arson.  Visit the Arson & Fire Investigation page for more information.