Crimes against Persons

Crimes Against Persons Section Responsibilities

The Crimes Against Persons Section deals with a high volume of very sensitive cases every day. Any one of these cases has the potential of requiring literally hundreds and even thousands of investigative hours.

The Crimes Against Persons Section is responsible for investigating the most violent crimes which include:
• Homicide cases
• Suicides
• Robbery
• Assaults (including shootings, stabbings, and vehicle assault)
• Terrorism
• Stalking
• Hate Crimes
• Weapons Charges

Normal business hours for the Crimes Against Persons Section are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Investigators can be reached by calling (515) 283-4864.  Investigators respond to call-out on a 24 hour basis.


Crime Solution Success Rate
This section consistently has a homicide solution rate which approaches 90%. This percentage is exceptional when compared with other agencies. The Midwest average solution rate is 55%. The national average is 65%. A research forum of criminal justice experts has asked the Des Moines Police Department to share the secrets of its success.