Honoring Fallen Members of the Des Moines Police Department
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This page is dedicated to the 20 officers who gave their lives serving the citizens of Des Moines. Their ultimate sacrifice is a testament of their dedication to protect this great city and its citizens.


The Des Moines Police Department has a memorial honoring these officers. The Des Moines Police Memorial is located on the grounds of the Des Moines Police Academy at 433 E. Army Post Road. Visitors are welcome to visit the memorial and pay respect to the officers who gave their lives.


Below you can find the names of our officers who died in the line of duty. By clicking on a name, you can examine the details of how each officer paid the ultimate sacrifice. These officers were counselors, friends, peacemakers, law enforcers, and above all…family. We honor their bravery and dedication to this great city. We also honor the officers’ families who gave of their loved ones to the protection of Des Moines greatest asset…its citizens.


“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9


Fallen Officers
Name End of Watch
Edward H. (Elijah) Wishart07/01/1891
Frank Delmege09/20/1909
George W. Mattern04/12/1918
Charles Chester Jackson12/16/1918
Cornelius J. McCarthy09/27/1919
Ollie D. Thomas08/20/1925
Gerald D. Pickett09/24/1925
James A. Staggs04/20/1928
Harry Ogilvie07/12/1930
Rupert L. Shepherd08/01/1930
James Joshua Cowart12/07/1931
Harry Linn Booton12/11/1932
Steven Tabor Howard03/02/1935
George Wesley Schane05/04/1942
Charles T. Andreano07/30/1964
James Emory Rodine08/13/1968
Brian Charles Melton04/21/1977
Dennis Earl Hill08/28/1977
Sean Wissink02/11/2007
Roger Ray Hildreth02/21/2008
David A. Bowen09/29/2008
Carlos Puente-Morales03/26/2016
Susan Louise Farrell03/26/2016
Anthony David Beminio11/02/2016