Family Conflict

Sex Abuse and Child Trauma
The Family Conflict Section consists of specially trained investigators responsible for the investigation of criminal behavior of a sexual nature and also cases serious child abuse or trauma. The section includes a Domestic Abuse Resource Team (DART), a Victim Advocate who works directly with the DART investigators to reach out to victims of domestic violence.  Crimes relating to elderly abuse are investigated here as well.

This section investigates crimes against children through the Internet, manages the Sex Offender Registry and investigates computer forensic crimes. For more information visit the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force website.

A Victim Resource Officer (VRO) is attached to DART. The VRO assists DART in the investigation of domestic related cases and violations of no-contact orders.  The primary responsibility of the VRO is to work closely with detectives investigating cases of violent deaths that include homicides, suicides, motor vehicle fatalities and accidental death by notifying family members of the victims.  This officer is occasionally called upon to assist outside investigating agencies to make a death notification to family members living in our city.  The VRO is on-call 24 hours a day, every weekday, and every other weekend.

Types of sexual abuse and child trauma cases investigated include:
• sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults
• intra-family sexual abuse
• attempts to entice children
• child exploitation
• obscene communications
• child in need of assistance
• proactive Internet cases
• child abuse / trauma cases
• infant deaths 


Many of the cases assigned to the Family Conflict Section are handled as joint investigations with Child Protective Investigators, the Polk County Attorney's Office, and medical personnel.
Visit the Iowa Sex Offender Registry for more information.

Family Conflict Clearance Success Rate
The overall clearance rate described the ability of the investigators to identify person(s) responsible for committing the offense. The Family Conflict a Section's clearance rate for the year 2000 was 76%. A total of 831 cases were investigated of which 633 were cleared; 20% of the total cases resulted in the filing of criminal charges.
Normal business hours for the Family Conflict Section are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Investigators can be reached by calling (515) 283-4864.  Sexual Abuse / Child Trauma investigators respond to call-outs on a 24 hour basis.