• DMPD K9 Teams wins First Place

    The DMPD K9 Team attended the Annual Region 21 Narcotic Trials in Fort Madison, Ia and for the first time in DMPD history, the team received first place during the competition for overall best team achievements.


  • Mounted Patrol Training

    Mounted Patrol officers and their horses train in a variety of unusual environments.


Loved Ones Safe and Together (L.O.S.T.) Program


The Des Moines Police Department, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Iowa Chapter, is proud to announce the creation of a new law enforcement program aimed at helping reunite individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s (or any other medical condition which affects memory) who becomes separated from their families. The program is called L.O.S.T. which stands for Loved Ones Safe and Together.

So often individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other medical condition which involves memory loss or confusion will wander away from their home and police officers are called to assist in locating them. In addition, officers occasionally come across individuals who are lost but for whatever reason, have not been reported as such. The L.O.S.T. program consists of a computer database that is stored at the Police Department. It contains information about the person such as name, address, physical description, birth date, ect. It also contains information about the potential activities of the person, where they may be heading or where they have been found before when lost and what symptoms they may exhibit when located by the police officer. The database contains provisions for a photograph of the individual which can be sent directly to searching officers via in-car computer systems as well as the media, should they be notified to assist in finding the person. The database can be upgraded as new information or changes occur with the person.

There is no cost to participate in this program. For further information or to enroll in the L.O.S.T. program simply contact the Des Moines Police Department Detective Bureau at (515) 283-4864. An information form will be sent to you along with a stamped envelope for its return to the Police Department. In addition to the completed information form, we ask that you include a recent photograph of your loved one. If you do not have a photograph, arrangements will be made for an officer to come to your home to take a photograph for the database.

The L.O.S.T. Program is an innovative way to assist police in locating and identifying persons affected by medical conditions which could result in them becoming lost. We encourage you to participate in this pro-active program for the sake of your loved ones.