• Des Moines - Great Place for a New Business

    The City of Des Moines is a great place to locate or expand your businesses. The Des Moines Office of Economic Development office is dedicated to helping you meet your existing and future development needs.


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  • Des Moines Major Construction Projects

    The Engineering Department’s efforts include the design, construction and project management of the City's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and other major construction projects.


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Some Disqualifying Factors


• Conviction of a felony (Conviction of other, less serious offenses or any offense will be evaluated based upon how recently it occurred, severity, frequency, and circumstances)


• Conviction of domestic abuse will disqualify the applicant from employment consideration


• Conviction of assault or theft will disqualify the applicant from employment consideration


• A consistent pattern of unexplained failures to meet debt obligations


• Giving false information on the application, during the application process, or any attempt of deception or fraud in connection with the examination process


• History of excessive use of alcohol without successful rehabilitation


• Current (past 12 months) or excessive use or abuse of alcohol


• Marijuana use in the past 24 months


• Use of other illegal drugs in the past 36 months  (Illegal drugs, include, but are not limited to: Hashish; Hash oil; Heroin; LSD; Amphetamines; Steroids; Cocaine; Crack; Methadone; Morphine and/or opium; Acid, Microdots, Windowpane, etc.; Mescaline. Use or experimentation with drugs, other than noted above, will be evaluated)


• Use of any illegal drug or conviction of a felony or any other serious offense after becoming an applicant


• A felony conviction or conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude (moral turpitude can be, but is not limited to any of the following acts: income tax evasion, perjury, theft, indecent exposure, sex crimes, conspiracy to commit a crime, defrauding the government, and illegal drug sales. Various factors, however, may cause an offense, which is generally not regarded as constituting moral turpitude to be regarded as such. For example, a record of a number of convictions for criminal mischief would involve moral turpitude, whereas a single act would not).