• DMPD K9 Teams wins First Place

    The DMPD K9 Team attended the Annual Region 21 Narcotic Trials in Fort Madison, Ia and for the first time in DMPD history, the team received first place during the competition for overall best team achievements.


  • Mounted Patrol Training

    Mounted Patrol officers and their horses train in a variety of unusual environments.


Tests & Examinations


Staff at the Des Moines Police Academy assists the Human Resources Department with conducting Cooper and Post Test, for potential recruits. More Information


Evaluating Recruits


Applicants will be subject to a background investigation. Information gained through the investigation will be used to determine if individual applicants meet established guidelines. Applicants who do not meet established guidelines will not be given further appointment consideration.

All applicants who reach the final selection stage must pass a polygraph, physical exam, drug screen, and a psychological screening.  However successful completion of these requirements does not guarantee appointment as a Police Officer.


  • Background Check - An extensive look into work history, references, driving record, criminal history, and other areas
  • Polygraph Examination - Those applicants successfully completing the written examination must participate in a polygraph examination and a thorough background investigation.
  • Physical Exam - Thorough exam based upon guidelines established by the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement