• DMPD K9 Teams wins First Place

    The DMPD K9 Team attended the Annual Region 21 Narcotic Trials in Fort Madison, Ia and for the first time in DMPD history, the team received first place during the competition for overall best team achievements.


  • Mounted Patrol Training

    Mounted Patrol officers and their horses train in a variety of unusual environments.


Property Management Section Roles and Responsibilities


All property brought into the Des Moines Police Department, including confiscated, found, and seized items, are inventoried and secured in the Property Management Section storage facilities. Examples of the type of property maintained in storage by this Section would include illegal drugs, weapons, and all other types of property pertaining to a variety of investigations conducted by the police department.

This Section is also responsible for the issuance of police officers uniform clothing and leather goods. The diverse responsibilities of this Section also include furnishing office supplies to the various police department Bureaus, assisting the City of Des Moines’ Zoning Department with the beautification ordinance, and supporting the department’s Biological Hazard Protection Program.

Other responsibilities of this Section include notification of vehicle owners and lien holders about motor vehicles that have been impounded and not returned to the owner within 48 hours of the impoundment. The administration of all auctions for abandoned motor vehicles and other types of property is handled by the Property Management Section.

For inquiries regarding motor vehicles that have been impounded by the Des Moines Police Department use the following phone numbers:

• (515) 283-4850 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
• (515) 283-4824 After hours and weekends