DMPD Traffic Complaint Hotline

Traffic Complaint Hotline  (515) 323-8375

The Des Moines Police Department has created a phone hotline for the purpose of receiving traffic related complaints. Citizens will be able to call the hot-line number of (515) 323-8375 and leave voice mail messages of specific traffic complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These complaints will be assigned to a traffic investigator for follow-up. If the complainant wishes to leave a name and contact number, the investigator will call the complainant back and advise him/her that the complaint has been received and upon its conclusion, the investigator will provide a description of the enforcement that was taken and the results.

 Under most circumstances, complainants can expect an initial call back from the investigator within 3-5 days. Feedback from the investigator will be provided to the complainant in approximately 14 days.

 The intent of this new hot-line is to provide an easy way for the citizens to contact the police department and express traffic concerns/complaints. It allows for the citizens to speak directly with the officer that is assigned to resolve the problem. The citizen then has the opportunity to discuss the results and future enforcement with the officer, providing better and more responsive service.