Vice & Narcotics

The Des Moines Police Vice / Narcotics Control Section

The Vice & Narcotics section is responsible for collecting, archiving and disseminating vice and narcotics-related intelligence for successful investigations and prosecutions. Narcotic investigations goals are to reduce all criminal activity by effectively investigating, combating and interdicting the importation of illegal drugs into Des Moines and meth lab dismantling and cleanup; thus enhancing the quality of life for the citizens in our community. Vice investigations concentrate on illegal activities such as gambling, bookmaking, prostitution, liquor violations and after hours establishments. The Vice & Narcotics Control Section also provides oversight, training, and support to all areas of the department regarding these issues. This is accomplished by developing informant networks, working undercover, conducting surveillance, processing criminal intelligence data and pursuing appropriate criminal charges against the perpetrators. Officers and sergeants work closely with other units within DMPD especially, Neighborhood Area Resource Coordinators Office, Patrol, Neighborhood Based Delivery Services, as well as their counterparts on the state and federal level.

Seized Guns and Money by Vice & Narcotics

Contact Information

Alcohol / Liquor: (515) 237-1446

N.A.R.C.: (515) 237-1565

Seizures / Forfeitures: (515) 237-1518

General Office: (515) 283-4830

Complaint Line: (515) 237-1594