Public Works Projects & Programs
2013 Planned Street Resurfacing
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo IntersectionStart DateEnd Date
Boyd AvenueE. 13th StE. 14th St06/10/201306/12/2013
Cambridge AvenueHull AveTiffin Ave06/10/201306/13/2013
E. 7th StreetHull AveE. Ovid Ave06/17/201306/19/2013
Park AvenueHenry AveSW 12th St06/24/201306/26/2013
56th StreetOvid AveDouglas Ave07/01/201307/05/2013
E. 15th StreetWalker St100' South07/08/201307/12/2013
Buchanan StreetE. 16th StE. 17th St07/08/201307/12/2013
Fremont StreetE. 14th StE. 15th St07/08/201307/12/2013
SW 5th StreetCourt AveMarket St07/14/201307/21/2013
McCormick StreetUniversity AveCleveland Ave07/15/201307/19/2013
Dixon StreetEaston BlvdGarfield Ave07/22/201307/26/2013
Dixon StreetCleveland AveKinsey Ave07/22/201307/26/2013
E. Railroad AveSE 10th StDead End West07/29/201308/02/2013
SE 8th StreetE. Railroad AveDead End South07/29/201308/02/2013
Watson Powell Jr. Way2nd Ave7th St08/04/201308/11/2013
Shaw StreetSE 7th StSE 12th St08/05/201308/09/2013
SE 7th StreetML King Jr. PkwyDead End South08/12/201308/16/2013
SE 8th StreetScott AveML King Jr. Pkwy08/12/201308/16/2013
Garfield AvenueStewart StE. 18th St08/12/201308/16/2013
Hutton StreetGarfield AveE. Washington Ave08/19/201308/23/2013
Center Street35th St3818 Center St08/26/201308/30/2013
Rollins Avenue3518 Rollins Ave3767 Rollins Ave08/26/201308/30/2013
SW 5th PlacePorter AveDead End South09/03/201309/06/2013
31st StreetGrand AveElmwood Dr09/09/201309/13/2013
41st StreetCenter StPleasant St09/09/201309/13/2013
SW 30th StreetWolcott AveDead End North09/16/201309/20/2013
Wolcott AvenueSW 30th StSW 31st St09/16/201309/20/2013
Thornton Avenue3521 SW 28th StSW 26th St09/16/201309/20/2013
46th StreetKingman BlvdUniversity Ave09/23/201309/27/2013
45th StreetCollege AveFranklin Ave09/30/201310/04/2013
22nd StreetOlive AveOlive Ave09/30/201310/04/2013
Waterbury Road59th StIngersoll Ave10/07/201310/11/2013
Alley (18th St / 19th St)Center StPleasant St10/07/201310/11/2013
Jefferson Avenue6th St9th St10/14/201310/18/2013
Walker StreetE. 14th StJohnson Ct10/21/201310/25/2013
E. Jefferson AvenueE. 8th StE. 9th St10/21/201310/25/2013
E. 34th StreetEaston BlvdArthur Ave10/28/201311/01/2013
Ashby AvenueBeaver Ave40th Pl11/04/201311/08/2013
59th StreetUniversity AveKingman Ave11/12/201311/15/2013
2013 Curb & Median Replacement Programs
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo IntersectionBegin DateEnd Date
SW 9th Street mediansWatrous AveMcKinley Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
E. 13th StreetTiffin AveE. Ovid Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
24th StreetCenter StDead End N of Olive Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
38th StreetHolcomb AveUrbandale Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
40th PlaceAmick AveOvid Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
Beaver Crest DriveRaymond Dr44th St04/01/201306/30/2013
Cambridge StreetE. Ovid Ave3117 Cambridge04/01/201306/30/2013
Fleur Drive mediansWatrous AveMcKinley Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
Hull Avenue (N side)Bowdoin StNorth Union St04/01/201306/30/2013
Tonawanda Drive42nd StN-S Tonawanda Dr04/01/201306/30/2013
E. University AvenueHubbell AveWest to alley east of E. 21st St04/01/201306/30/2013
30th StreetSheridan AvePayne Rd04/01/201306/30/2013
27th StreetForest AveMeek Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
E. 30th StreetDean AveGrand Ave04/01/201306/30/2013
2013 Concrete Pavement Restoration Programs
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo Intersection
SW 14th StreetPark AveWatrous Ave
SW 16th StreetEmma AveMcKinley Ave
SW 24th StreetPark AveThornton Ave
30th StreetN of Douglas AveSettlement between intakes
E. 42nd StreetBoyd StHubbell Ave
43rd StreetDouglas AveMadison Ave
42nd StreetDouglas AveMadison Ave
Adams Avenue34th StDead End East
Porter AvenueSouth Union StSW 9th St
Thornton AvenueSW 24th Stcul-de-sac east
Thornton AvenueE. of SW 14th St 
Twana Drive50th St4928 Twana Dr
Walker AvenueE. 29th StE. 30th St
Windsor DriveCummings Pkwy (NB)Cummings Pkwy (SB)