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Public Works Projects & Programs
Planned Street Resurfacing
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo IntersectionStart DateEnd Date
E. 8th StreetBuchanan StreetE. University Avenue08/01/201608/03/2016
E. 11th StreetMaple StreetWalker Street08/01/201608/03/2016
E. 9th StreetWalker StreetE. University Avenue08/08/201608/10/2016
5th AvenueNew York AvenueComrning Avenue08/15/201608/17/2016
9th StreetEuclid AvenueDouglas Avenue08/15/201608/18/2016
Adams AvenueBeaver Avenue38th Street08/22/201608/24/2016
45th StreetUrbandale AvenueOvid Avenue08/29/201609/01/2016
Twana DriveLower Beaver RoadSawyers Drive09/06/201609/08/2016
Kenyon AvenueSW 9th StreetSouth Union Street09/12/201609/15/2016
Laurel Street7th Street2nd Avenue09/19/201609/25/2016
Loomis AvenueSW 4th PlaceSouth Union Street09/26/201609/28/2016
Alley (Sw 5th St and SW 6th St)Elm Street200 feet south09/26/201609/29/2016
Richmond AvenueE. 24th StreetE. 25th Street10/10/201610/12/2016
5th AvenueDouglas AvenueShawnee Avenue10/17/201610/19/2016
35th StreetHickman RoadSheridan Avenue10/24/201610/26/2016
42nd StreetSheridan AveUrbandale Ave10/31/201611/02/2016
E. 35th StreetE. University AvenueGarfield Avenue11/07/201611/09/2016
Crocker Street15th Street19th Street11/14/201611/16/2016
York StreetFremont StreetE. University Avenue06/30/201706/30/2017
Maple StreetE. 11th StreetE. 12th Street06/30/201706/30/2017
E. 13th StreetMaple StreetE. University Avenue06/30/201706/30/2017
Lay StreetEaston BoulevardE. Jefferson Avenue06/30/201706/30/2017
4th StreetDepot StreetWalnut Street06/30/201706/30/2017
Kenyon AvenueSW 9th StreetSouth Union Street06/30/201706/30/2017
Curb Replacement Programs
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo IntersectionBegin DateEnd Date
Boston Avenue3rd Street5th Street06/26/201607/05/2016
Oxford AvenueHull AvenueE. Tiffin Avenue07/05/201607/14/2016
10th StreetUniversity AvenueEnos Avenue07/12/201607/20/2016
Henderson E. 14th StreetE. 15th Street07/14/201607/27/2016
43rd StreetForest AvenueUniversity Avenue07/26/201608/15/2016
Franklin AvenueBeaver Avenue44th Street08/02/201608/19/2016
Pleasant Street31st Street33rd Street08/22/201609/02/2016
Loomis AvenueSW 12th StreetHeliotrope09/05/201609/19/2016
Cleveland AvenueE. 13th StreetYork Street09/19/201609/26/2016
Cleveland AvenueYork StreetE. 14th Street09/29/201610/05/2016
Woodland Avenue37th Street38th Street10/31/201611/04/2016
Woodland Avenue49th Street50th Street04/03/201704/11/2017
Center Street31st Street33rd Street04/12/201704/18/2017
Park AvenueSW 12th StreetSW 12th Pl04/19/201704/27/2017
Concrete Pavement Restoration Programs
Street NameFrom IntersectionTo Intersection
Crestmoor Place38th StreetLower Beaver Road
E. 38th CourtLeyden AvenueE Douglas Avenue
E. 40th CourtMorton AvenueBoyd Avenue
E. 22nd StreetBoyd StreetHull Avenue
SW 40th StreetPark AvenueSW 39th Street
Evans StreetSW 16th StreetSW 15th Street
Miller AvenueSW 7th StreetSW 5th Street
SE 4th StreetE. McKinley AvenueE. Philip Street
Maish Avenue807 Maish Avenue515 Maish Avenue
SE 18th CourtKing AvenueDead End North
SE 21st StreetE. Hughes AvenueE. Park Avenue
8th PlacePark StreetCenter Street
9th StreetKeosauqua WaySchool Street
30th StreetHickman RoadSheridan Avenue
Neola AvenuePennsylvania AvenueDead End West