Snow Removal
No Snow Removal Operations at this Time

Snow removal efforts are not currently underway. Residents are able to park on the street based on standard parking regulations for each street.

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Resident Responsibilities

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The Department of Public Works is determined to provide residents with improved snow removal. Snow Routes will be plowed when snow accumulations are about 1 inch on roadways. Citywide and Odd/Even Plowing will occur as determined by the Public Works Director based on total accumulation, prevailing conditions and near future forecasts.

Improved service can only be achieved through a true partnership between RESIDENTS and the CITY.  The City has invested in larger, more efficient snow removal equipment that will clear most residential street with just 2 passes. 

All residents need to participate by moving their vehicles off the street during snow removal operations. The City Council has amended Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code regarding citywide snow removal which states: “No parking will be allowed on residential streets during snow removal operations.”

For neighborhoods with limited amounts of off-street parking; the Council has established Odd/Even Side Snow Parking Zones.  Signage for five specific neighborhoods has been posted.

Vehicles parked on the street will receive a $35 fine and may be subject to towing. Tickets can be appealed using the Parking Ticket Appeal process.

Our experience has shown an estimated 33% reduction in plow times when off-street parking is enforced.  Clearing streets curb to curb results in better quality snow removal with less rework required after parked cars are moved.  Timely plowing also minimizes the quantity of residual ice and snow on the roadway that results when compaction occurs because plowing is delayed.  Residual snow and ice, in turn, can require the application of salt at an additional cost to promote melting.


Odd/Even Parking Zones

All motorists should be aware there are a few Odd/Even Snow Parking Zones. 

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Signage is posted in the five specific neighboroods covered by this regulation:

  • Carpenter
  • Drake
  • Drake Park
  • River Bend (portion)
  • Sherman Hill

Odd/Even Snow Removal Parking Details include:

1.  Snowplowing operation in Odd/Even neighborhoods will occur only between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

2.  Odd or even calendar days of the month are matched with street addresses ending in odd or even numbers. (i.e.; odd numbered days, vehicles should be parked on the odd side of the street.)

3.  Vehicles must be on the correct side of the street by 7 a.m. to avoid a ticket.