Stormwater Management
What can a business do?

There are several things new and existing businesses can do to improve water quality in the community and help their bottom line. . .

Porous Pavers

Porous pavers allow rain water to infiltrate through them, instead of sending the water to a nearby storm drain. Porous pavers are very decorative and add value to the property. They can also save you money on salt. During winter, studies have shown areas with porous pavement allow melted snow to infiltrate resulting in less salt applications for ice reduction.

Bioretention Cells

Bioretention Cells are a unique way to handle stormwater and add landscaping to a site. Bioretention cells utilize engineered soils to infiltrate and clean stormwater runoff. These cells also use landscaping to add aesthetic value to the property. 


Underground cisterns capture the roof top runoff from the building and allow the owner to recycle the water for watering landscaping or irrigating the property. This can be a big saver on the sites water bill. Using proper techniques this recycled water could be used for toiletry purposing, thus adding to the savings.

Green Roof

Green roofs definitely require proper planning and engineering, but these serve as great practices to reduce stormwater runoff and save on energy costs. Green roofs use a wide array of plantings to capture rain water and reduce the overall amount of runoff leaving the site.