Grand Avenue Redevelopment
Parking Redevelopment Picture
Selection Process and Project Schedule
June 5, 2013Release of Request of Qualifications* by City of Des Moines for 665-717 Grand redevelopment site
July 12, 2013Submittal of development team qualifications
Summer 2013Evaluation and short listing of qualifications by City of Des Moines (including potential interview)
Summer 2013Invitation to submit proposal (City anticipates inviting 3-5 teams)
Fall 2013Submittal of development proposal
Fall 2013Evaluation of proposals by City of Des Moines
Fall 2013Interview finalists (as needed)
Winter 2013Recommendation to City Council
Winter 2013 - 2014City Council selection of preferred developer/respondent
Early 2014Competitive land disposition per urban renewal requirements (if requirements not satisfied in previous timelines)
2014Project design, development agreement with selected developer
Early 2015Transfer site ownership (including existing parking structure for demolition)
2015 - 2017Project construction
2017Project completion