City Council Ordinances
2014 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2014.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
15,27404/07/201414-0565Vacating Allen Park, 504 SE 6th Street.
15,27304/07/201414-0562Vacating Wagner Street from the north/south alley to 5th Avenue, and a 132-foot segment of the north/south alley between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue north of Vine Street.
15,27204/07/201414-0559Vacating a dead-end segment of east/west alley right-of-way in the vicinity of 2125 High Street.
15,27104/07/201414-0555Traffic Regulation Changes: 1. Signage changes around McKee Education Center, Easton Blvd, E. 39th and E. 39th Court 2. Parking Restrictions on the north side of Grand Avenue between 15th and 16th Street.
15,27003/24/201414-0496Rezoning of 320 Creighton Avenue, Catholic Health Initiative - Iowa, from R1-60 to C-0 and to repeal Ordinance 15, 266.
15,26903/24/201414-0494Removing peak hours parking restriction on the east side of 9th Street from Crocker to Indiana.
15,26803/10/201414-0434Renaming of a segment of the Southwest Connector, west of Iowa Highway 28, to Veterans Parkway
15,26703/10/201414-0431Rezoning of property at 2125 High Street from R-2A to Ltd C-1, to allow expansion of the existing adjoining financial institution site by modifying the drive-up service area exit driveway on the property and alleyway requested for vacation
15,26503/10/201414-0423Rezoning of 1159 24th Street from C-1 to Ltd NPC, to allow use of the premises as a carpenter shop for guitar making.
15,26403/10/201414-0419Rezoning 403 SE 8th Street from R-2A to Ltd C-3B to allow development of accessory off-street parking.
15,26303/10/201414-0393Traffic Regulation Changes: Des Moines Street 801 Grand 17th Street between Grand and Ingersoll Making E. Walnut part of the Central Business District Off/Even side snow parking zone
15,26202/24/201414-0335Amending Chapter 114 of the Municipal Code to place a 4-way stop at 50th and Meredith.
15,26102/24/201414-0320Rezoning 2930, 2934, 2936 Walker Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-2.
15,26002/10/201414-0236Rezoning 3301 E. Euclid, from C-1 and FW to Ltd. U-1 and Ltd FW
15,25902/10/201414-0227Rezoning 4140 E. 14th Street from C-2 to Ltd M-1
15,25801/27/201414-0178Vacating an irregular segment of Ingersoll Avenue right-of-way lying south of the travelled portion of the street between 16th Street and 17th Street and north of and adjacent to 525 17th Street.
15,25701/27/201414-0163Rezoning of property at 3301 E. Euclid from "C-1" to Ltd. "C-2"
15,25601/27/201414-0160Rezoning of 1414 Fremont Street from "R1-60" to "C-2"
15,25501/27/201414-0158Operation of steam boilers and engines, and the licensing of power engineers and firemen.
15,25401/13/201414-0090Rezoning 1533 and 1541 E. Grand, from C-2 to Ltd NPC
15,25301/13/201414-0079Traffic Regulation Changes 38th Street Crocker Street E. 6th Street Grand Avenue
15,25201/13/201414-0076Hunting Permit application fee
15,25101/13/201414-0072Beaverdale SSMID
15,25001/13/201414-0071Use and Maintenance of drainage facilities
15,24901/13/201414-00742014 Park and Recreation Fees