City Council Ordinances
1998 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 1998.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
13,66512/21/199898-3928Vacate block bounded by SE 8th, SE 9th, Vale and Railroad,
13,66412/21/199898-3910Rezone of 2901 Maury from R-3 to Ltd. M-2
13,66312/21/199898-3891Specified Crime Property
13,66212/07/199898-3752Annual permit for vehicles hauling snow to City's Snow Dump
13,66112/07/199898-3747Deferred Compensation - Code update
13,66011/16/199898-35861999 Golf Fees
13,65911/16/199898-3585Accounting Division and monies collected by City Treasurer
13,65811/02/199898-3454Traffic Regulation Changes:SE Des Moines, E12th, E.13, York, Thompson, 25th, Forest, E. 37th Dubuque, 28th, Ingersoll.
13,65710/26/199898-3360Vacating East/West alley right-of-way north of University between Ure and E. 22nd Street
13,65610/26/199898-3357Vacating a portion of E. 22nd Street north of Guthrie and a portion of Milton Avenue west of E. 22nd Street
13,65510/26/199898-3270Rezoning of 43rd, 44th, 46th Street and Polk Blvd, between Ingersoll and Grand, from R-3 to R1-80
13,65410/19/199898-3265Rezone SE 11th and Railroad, from Ltd. C-1 to Revised Ltd. C-1
13,65310/19/199898-3253Change Sewer Charges, customer service charge and demand charge
13,65210/19/199898-3252Increase Stormwater Utility Fees
13,65110/19/199898-3251Rezone 505 E. Euclid from R1-60 to Ltd. C-0
13,65010/05/199898-3174Vacate N/S alley right-of-way between SE 4th and SE 5th south of E. Court Avenue
13,64910/05/199898-3165Rezone 1108 SE 30th from R-3 to Ltd. M-2
13,64810/05/199898-3157Civil Penalties
13,64710/05/199898-3155Traffic Regulation Changes 22nd, 23rd, Forest, Des Moines St. E.9th, Guthrie, Washington, 57th and Aurora, 29th and Brattleboro, Locust at 4th, Relocated Army Post Rd and HWY 28
13,64610/05/199898-3150Traffic Regulation Changes 11th and Seneca, SE 34th and Evergreen, Parking at Hotel Ft. DM
13,64510/05/199898-3149Traffic Regulation Changes Handicap 2121 Grand, 57th south of Aurora, Searle--Hubbell to State
13,64409/28/199898-3042Rezone of 2230 Hubbell Avenue from R1-60 to PUD
13,64309/28/199898-3026Traffic Regulations Changes Garfield, E. Douglas at E26th, Relocated Army Post Road SW 28th
13,64209/28/199898-3022Cable Franchise Ordinance
13,64109/14/199898-2888Vacate SW 3rd Street Right-of-way between E. Marion and E. Leach
13,64009/14/199898-2885Traffic Regulation Changes 1st Street, E. Olinda, Thompson
13,63909/14/199898-2884Traffic Regulation Changes 41st Street and 40th Place
13,63809/14/199898-2883Regulation and Management of Private Use of Public Right-of-way
13,63709/14/199898-2881Licensing of Communication Systems in Public Right-of-way
13,63608/17/199898-2592Rezone 2800 E. Watrous from R1-80 to Ltd R1-70
13,63508/17/199898-2579Backwater Valves
13,63408/17/199898-2577Plumbing Code
13,63308/17/199898-2572Vacate E. 33rd from E. Douglas to E. Clinton
13,63008/03/199898-2477Rezoning of 2407 SW 9th Street from R1-60 to C-1
13,62908/03/199898-2472Traffic Regulation Changes - 1600 block of E. Evergreen--Jackson School Handicapped space south side of Lyon street west of E. 17th Street
13,62808/03/199898-2471Vacation of east/west alley right-of-way between SE 15th and SE 16th south of Maury
13,62708/03/199898-2470Amending Zoning Ordinance regarding off-premise advertising signs -- Billboards
13,62608/03/199898-2469Amending Zoning Ordinance regarding allowed size of canopies and number of car service areas for convenience stores and gas stations in C-1 and NPC Districts
13,62507/27/199898-2398Water Works Board of Trustees--Water Utility Code updates
13,62407/27/199898-2392Vacation N/S alley between 10th and 11th north of Grand
13,62307/27/199898-2384Temporary waiver of building permit fees for reconstruction as a result of recent storm damage
13,62207/27/199898-2380Rezone SW 42nd Street and Army Post Road R1-80, PBP, PUD to M-3
13,62107/27/199898-2373Traffic Regulation Changes-63rd, SE 17th, Pleasantview Drive, SW9th and County Line Rd
13,62007/27/199898-2372Permitting Community Development Department Staff to write parking tickets for vehicles illegally parked in front yards.
13,61907/13/199898-2231Trapping of wild animals inside the City limits.
13,61807/01/199898-2103Temporarily waiving all permit fees for repair, renovation,or replacement of structures damaged by recent storms and flooding.
13,61706/22/199898-2063Vacate 208 Court Avenue
13,61606/22/199898-2050Waste Haulers
13,61506/22/199898-2049Removal of Animal Waste
13,61406/22/199898-2048Neighborhood Revitalization Board
13,61306/22/199898-2047Traffic--Scott Avenue, 4th St., E. 9th St.
13,61206/15/199898-1903Traffic--Handicapped Meter 12-407, York south of University, Garfield west of E 27th Court
13,61106/15/199898-1902Regulations adopted by the Airport Board.
13,61006/01/199898-1743Traffic--SW 14th and Geil, 6th Avenue north of Douglas, Twana Drive 38th to Beaver
13,60906/01/199898-1742Vacating alley vicinity of SE 28th and Maury
13,60806/01/199898-1741Deer hunting inside the City Limits
13,60705/18/199898-1604Disposition of unredeemed dogs and cats.
13,60605/18/199898-1596Vacate Clay Street alley at SW 1st Street
13,60505/18/199898-1595Vacate SW 56th Street south of Park
13,60405/04/199898-1422Traffic Regulation changes, 3rd and Grand SE 7th Street south of Scandia
13,60305/04/199898-1421Rezone 1314 E. 14th from R-3 to Ltd C-1
13,60205/04/199898-1419Traffic Regulation changes, E13 and Grandview, SW 60th Leland, Leyden, E 38th, 57th Madison
13,60104/27/199898-1323Concessions in City Park and Recreation facilities.
13,60004/27/199898-1318Traffic Regulation changes Clark Street, 7th and 6th, Downtown School, SE 28th and Market St.
13,59904/20/199898-1213Rezone Eastgate Shopping Center E. 14th and Euclid, C-4 M-1 M-2 to PUD.
13,59804/20/199898-1201Vacate right-of-way vicinity of Carpenter and 62nd Street
13,59704/06/199898-1070Rezone 3800 E. University Avenue from Ltd. C-1 to Limited C-2
13,59604/06/199898-1067Rezoning 1571 E. McKinley Avenue from R1-80 to Ltd C-2
13,59504/06/199898-1058Civil Service Commission Members
13,59404/06/199898-1053Partial Exemption for new construction 303 New York Avenue Bonded Fiber and Quilting Inc.
13,59304/06/199898-1051Traffic Regulation Changes 44th south of University, Williams north of University, Pleasant between 9th and 10th, Maple Street west of E. 4th, Sec Taylor Stadium, Loading Zone 300 E. Grand
13,59203/23/199898-0896Amend fees for Blank Park Zoo
13,59103/23/199898-0892Prohibit parking between 8 AM and 5 PM Mon-Fri - East Side Williams St.
13,59003/23/199898-0891Modify regulations pertaining to allowed location and maximum size of accessory buildings
13,58903/23/199898-0890Rezone five properties 4 Mile Creek Area-U-1 Flood Plain to R1-60 One Family Low Density
13,58803/23/199898-0889Permitted location of, and alterations to, businesses holding liquor, beer or wine license
13,58703/23/199898-0888Nuisance Regulations-regarding businesses which constitute a nuisance
13,58603/23/199898-0887Regarding discharge of firearms-allow discharge of pyrotechnics for controlling birds/ mammals
13,58403/16/199898-0786Establishing Human Resources Department as a separate City department
13,58303/16/199898-0785Increasing fee for family season pass for aquatic centers and swimming pools
13,58203/02/199898-0639Revision of parking restrictions on Second Avenue between Locust and Walnut
13,58103/02/199898-0638Three-way stop at Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington Avenue and Saylor Road
13,58003/02/199898-0637Traffic Regulation Changes at 9th Street and Crocker Street
13,57902/23/199898-0538Establishing Downtown DM Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District
13,57802/23/199898-0533Rezone of 4800 to 5200 NE 38th Avenue (E. Douglas) from A-1 to PUD
13,57702/16/199898-0462Rezone of 4300 Hubbell (Baker) from A-1 to PUD
13,57602/16/199898-0451SE AgriBusiness Park TIF District
13,57502/16/199898-0450Traffic Regulation Changes Williams from Euclid to E. Douglas
13,57402/09/199898-0361Cemetery Fees for 1998
13,57302/09/199898-0360Traffic Regulation Changes Woodland, 8th Street
13,57202/09/199898-0359Rezone 2300 E. 14th from R1-60 to Ltd. C-1
13,57101/26/199898-0264Rezone of 1938 SE 6th Street from C-1 to C-1A
13,57001/19/199898-0196Park Shelter Rental fees and Birdland Park Marina Moorage rates
13,56901/19/199898-0198Soccer Field Rental fees
13,56801/19/199898-0192Realigning boundaries of new Parking Meter Districts
13,56701/19/199898-0191Expanding Parking Meter Districts from two to three
13,56601/19/199898-0190Traffic Regulation Changes Meredith Complex 17-18-Grand-Locust List of Four-Way Stops
13,56501/19/199898-0189Amending and Expanding the Riverpoint Capitol-Center Development Area TIF District 6th Ave
13,56301/05/199898-0091Rezone 3300 E. Euclid Avenue from R2-A, U-1, and C-2, to PUD
13,56201/05/199898-0084Licensing of Master and Journeyman electricians and PVC electrical service entrances
13,56101/05/199898-0077Establishing Southeast Airport Trunk Sewer System Benefited District
13,56001/05/199898-0076Vacate portion of Davis Avenue right of way in vicinity of 2301 SW 9th
13,55901/05/199898-0075Rezone 614 SE 4th Street from R1-60 to M-1
13,55801/05/199898-0074Nuisances subject to enforcement by administrative hearing procedure or civil action
13,55701/05/199898-0073Vacation of Franklin Avenue right of way west of 6th Avenue (Neighborhood Finance Corp)
13,55601/05/199898-0072Increase Fee for Junior Golf Badges for 1998 - Golf Fees
13,55501/05/199898-0071Duty of Board members to abstain from matters in which they have direct financial interest
13,55401/05/199898-0070Creation of new Information Technology Department
13,55301/05/199898-0069Rezone 2009 E. 38th Court from U-1 to R1-60
13,55201/05/199898-0068Exemption for governmental entities and agencies for license fee, for communications licenses
13,55101/05/199898-0067Ownership and use of service dogs and assistive animals