City Council Ordinances
1999 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 1999.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
13,77712/20/199999-3853Vacate NS alley ROW between 30th and 31st south of Forest
13,77612/20/199999-3850Vacate N/S alley--ML King and 21st south of Forest
13,77512/20/199999-3847Rezone SW corner of ML King and Forest, from C-2 to NPC
13,77412/20/199999-3844Vacate Alleys west of Penn between E. Grand and Des Moines Street
13,77312/20/199999-3825Traffic-Mulberry, Cherry, 6th, 7th SE 5th 1548-8th, Keo
13,77212/20/199999-3826Traffic-SW 22nd, Capitol, Irving, 6th Avenue, E. 33rd, Guthrie, 11th
13,77112/06/199999-3699Vacate Meek Avenue, 1526-21st Street
13,77011/15/199999-3540Vacate portions of the 30th and 31st Street rights-of-way between Univ and Carpenter
13,76911/15/199999-3523Power of Airport Board to establish Fair Market Value for property
13,76811/01/199999-3409Rezone NE 14th and NE 51st Street, (Phillips 66) from A-1 to Ltd C-2
13,76711/01/199999-3407Vacate E/W alley ROW E. 14th and E. 15th, from Des Moines Street to Lyon Street
13,76611/01/199999-3405Vacate E/W alley ROW E. 14th and E. 15th, from Des Moines Street to Lyon Street
13,76510/18/199999-3265Rezoning property in vicinity of SW 31st and Stanton, from R1-80 to Ltd R1-70.
13,76410/18/199999- 3256Rezoning property in vicinity 1330, 1334 and 1352 30th Street, and 3004 Forest Avenue, and 1329 31st, from R-3 to Ltd C-1
13,76310/18/199999-3246Vacate n/s alley right-of-way between 6th and 7th extending south 126.03' from Mulberry
13,76210/18/199999-3244Traffic Regulation Changes - south side of Guthrie east of E. 29th, 4th and Court, Filmore St., E. 24th from State to Garfield, SE 22nd and Evergreen.
13,76010/18/199999-3240Traffic Regulation Changes - West side of SW 5th north and south of Murphy, Capitol Avenue from E. 15th to E. 16th, E. 38th between Hubbell and Douglas
13,75910/18/199999-3239Authorizing Planning Director to administratively grant certain minor exceptions to the district regulations and to establish a fee.
13,75810/18/199999-3238Nuisances Enumerated - subject to enforcement by administrative hearing procedures or Civil Action
13,75710/18/199999-3237Regulation of Sound Equipment and Sound Amplifying Equipment
13,75610/18/199999-3236Traffic Regulation Changes - Beaver Avenue south of Urbandale, E. side of E. 10th Street north of Seneca, North side of E. Grand Avenue east of E. 6th
13,75510/04/199999-3110Additional parking on the south side of Grand west of Seventh.
13,75409/27/199999-3008Pine Avenue at Hwy 28, (SW 42nd) from PBP to PUD.
13,75309/27/199999-2985Street Use Permits-Amendment
13,75209/27/199999- 2982Rezone 2713 M.L. King Jr. Parkway, from M-3 to Ltd C-2
13,75109/13/199999-2858Traffic-Loading zone 601 Grand, Randall Pl south of Forest, 47th north of Hickman Road
13,75009/13/199999-2854Traffic-Dickman, Guthrie, Mulberry, 7th, 8th and Mulberry, Davisson Road
13,74909/13/199999-2854Entertainment Arcades
13,74809/13/199999-2852Building Code- Electrical and Plumbing Subchapters
13,74708/23/199999-2694Amending Zoning Restriction in R-5 Districts, regarding accessory building
13,74608/23/199999-6251Vacate E/W alley between Franklin and Allison, east of 30th Street
13,74508/23/199999-2682Rezone 7103 Fleur Drive from R1-80 to PUD
13,74408/23/199999-2679Rezone 1400 Des Moines Street from R1-60 to Ltd. C-1
13,74308/16/199999-2556Rezone east side of SW 30th and North of Willowmere Dr. from R1-80 and M-3 to PUD
13,74208/16/199999-2544Rezone 2025 E. Grand from R1-60 to C-1
13,74108/16/199999-2543Deer Hunting inside City Limits
13,74008/02/199999-2417Traffic Regulation Changes - 4-way stop at 19th and Pleasant
13,73908/02/199999-2415Sale of rights of interment in City Cemeteries
13,73808/02/199999-2411Street Use Permits
13,73708/02/199999-2410Farmers or Public Markets
13,73608/02/199999-2409Sidewalk Sales
13,73508/02/199999-2408Entertainment Districts
13,73408/02/199999-2407Street Parade Permits
13,73308/02/199999-2406Timed and Athletic Events
13,73208/02/199999-2402License and Permit Fees for Special Events
13,73107/26/199999-2351Vacate Army Post Road between Fleur and SW 42nd
13,73007/26/199999-2348Vacate Littell Avenue ROW extending west from Fleur Drive to SW 28th
13,72907/26/199999-2326Establishing SE Airport Trunk Sanitary Sewer District
13,72807/12/199999-2219Rezone 1335 E. Ovid, from R1-60 to Ltd C-2.
13,72707/12/199999-2212Traffic Regulation Changes - various
13,72607/12/199999-2201Traffic - Saturdays Downtown, Thru Streets in subdivisions, E. 25th North of Walnut, Davis E. of SW 9th
13,72506/28/199999-2078Traffic - Lincoln, E. 16th, Maine, 13th and Chautauqua
13,72406/28/199999-2077Traffic - SE4th, Madison, 40th, SE 3rd, Indianola Ave, E. 24th Ct., Williams, New York Avenue
13,72306/28/199999-2076Rezone 2600 Army Post Road from R1-80 to M-3
13,72206/28/199999-2075Adding Pygmy Goats to list of pets allowed in Des Moines
13,72106/28/199999-2074Salary of Mayor and Council Members
13,71906/21/199999-1970Public Housing Board Members Terms
13,71806/21/199999-1968Abandoned Property on public right-of-way
13,71705/24/199999-1676Renaming West Drive to Fanny Pruce Drive
13,71605/24/199999-1679Temporary Street Banners in Public Right-of-Way
13,71505/24/199999-1678Special Permit Process for use of structures as land by government entities
13,71405/24/199999-1677Traffic Regs - Renaming West Drive to Fanny Pruce Drive
13,71305/17/199999-1572Vacate north/south and east/west alley between Woodland and High, west of 10th-Principal
13,71205/17/199999-1539Vacate east/west alley extending between 19th and MLKing north of Ingersoll
13,71105/03/199999-1399Vacate Right-of-way at NE Corner of 3rd and Locust - Splash
13,71005/03/199999-1386Zoo Fees for 1999
13,70905/03/199999-1384Fees and Charges for wading pool and equipment rental
13,70805/03/199999-1382Swimming Pool Rental Fees
13,70705/03/199999-1380Traffic Regulation Changes on Beaver Avenue from Urbandale to Madison
13,70605/03/199999-1379Rezone SW 28th Court and Littell, east of Relocated Army Post Road from R1-80 to M-3
13,70505/03/199999-1377Parking meters in Central Business District
13,70404/26/199999-1284Vacate Meek Avenue right-of-way west of 27th Street - Drake University
13,70304/26/199999-1276Vacate E/W Alley between E. 14th and E. 16th -- Milton to Guthrie Amends Ord 13,687
13,70204/26/199999-1274Yard Debris/Stickers and Bags Fees
13,70104/19/199999-1184Vacate 4th Street Right-of-way Court to Vine/alleys Court Avenue Entertainment Center
13,70004/19/199999-1169Vacate alley Right-of-way and air rights over Hubbell at E. 22nd
13,69904/19/199999-1146Taxicab Ordinance
13,69804/05/199999-0997Traffic Regulation Changes - Thornton, SW 15th, SW 16th, Burnham, 46th , 44th
13,69704/05/199999-0995Traffic Regulation Changes - 6th Avenue Walnut to Locust
13,69604/05/199999-0993Calibration of Sound Meters
13,69504/05/199999-0991Tax Exempt Organization, exempt from fees for encroachment on City Property
13,69404/05/199999-0984Traffic Regulation Changes - 6th and Douglas, Cambridge North of Sheridan
13,69304/05/199999-0983Vacate E/W and N/S alley Grand, E. 5th, E.6th, Des Moines Street
13,69203/22/199999-0850Housing Code and Inspection of dwellings occupied under unrecorded contracts
13,69103/22/199999-0846Traff reg, SW 1st & Indianola, E. Bundy, Williams, Deletion of Pkg Restriction Duplication
13,69003/15/199999-0744Front Yard Setbacks in R1-80 districts
13,68903/15/199999-0731Fees for copies and records - Police Department
13,68803/15/199999-0730National Electrical Code, 1999 Edition
13,68703/01/199999-0612Vacate E/W Alley Right-of-way E. 14th-E. 16th, Milton to Guthrie
13,68603/01/199999-0597Appointments to Historic District Commission
13,68503/01/199999-0595Traffic regulations, 101-107 12th St, 4004 Grand, Caulder Circle
13,68402/22/199999-0521Regulating signs, notices and advertisements in cemeteries
13,68302/22/199999-0517Vacate 2503 High Street
13,68202/15/199999-0434Parking on Cherry Street for fire department use
13,68102/15/199999-0433Traffic regulations for MLKing and Center, north side of Enos east of 15th, SW34th Watrous to McKinley
13,68002/01/199999-0332Rezone of 4301, 4609 and 4619 Grand, from R-3 to Ltd R-3
13,67902/01/199999-0331Regulation for facility use and conduct at Birdland Marina
13,67801/25/199999-0218Traffic regulations west side of E. 37th north of Dubuque, 1024 Walnut and east side of 6th Avenue from Walnut to Locust
13,67701/25/199999-0240Vacate east/west alley between SE 15th and SE 16th Street south of Maury
13,67601/25/199999-0224Rezone 7300 Fleur from R1-80 PUD and PBP to PUD entitled Airport Commerce Park South
13,67501/25/199999-0223Amending Zoning Ordinance to permit gas stations with a maximum of 8 fueling stations to be located along Army Post Road from Fleur to East city limits within C-1 Districts
13,67401/25/199999-0222Rezone of 3350 Evergreen from R1-90 to Ltd. R1-80
13,67301/25/199999-0221Traffic Regulations for the Center Street Park and Ride Facility
13,67201/25/199999-0220Tournament Rental Fees for Soccer Fields
13,67101/25/199999-0219Vacate 41st Street between Grand and Ingersoll
13,67001/04/199999-0068Burial receptacles in City cemeteries -- Islamic Cemetery burial request.
13,66901/04/199999-0082Rezone of 6320 Indianola Avenue from R1-80 to Ltd C-1
13,66801/04/199999-0078Rezone of property north of 6223 University from R1-60 to Ltd. C-1
13,66701/04/199999-0062Rental Unit Inspections -- fees to be legally assessed against the property.
13,66601/04/199999-0061Traffic Regulation Changes for North side of Crocker east of 41st, 4-wa1-4-99y stop at 6th and Aurora, and two-sided parking on SE 10th between Rose and Watrous.