City Council Ordinances
2001 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2001.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,03612/17/200101-3724Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 1620 Pleasant Street and 711 - 16th Street from "R-HD" to "PUD"
14,03512/17/200101-3721Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 4440 N.E. Hubbell Road from "A-1" to Limited "C-2"
14,03412/17/200101-3715Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 900 - 8th Street from "R-4" to "C-3A"
14,03312/17/200101-3706Traffic Regulation Changes on E. 6th, E. Hackley, 33rd and E. Kenyon
14,03212/17/200101-3703Renaming Valley Drive west of Fleur Drive and north of Park Avenue, to George Flagg Parkway.
14,03112/17/200101-3701Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3600 Army Post Road from "PBP" to "PUD"
14,03012/17/200101-3698Speed limits in public parks.
14,02912/17/200101-3697Grading and soil erosion control ordinance.
14,02812/03/200101-3592Vacating ROW North and East of 625 East Court Avenue
14,02712/03/200101-3586Vacating 12th Place between Crocker and School Streets.
14,02612/03/200101-3583Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 4115 University Avenue "C-1" to "NPC"
14,02512/03/200101-3574Traffic Regulation Changes on Cambridge, 6th Avenue, Cherry, E. 13th, SE 3rd and Center.
14,02412/03/200101-3572Vacating a portion of the North/South alley extending North from University Avenue between 6th Avenue and 7th Street, 7th Street from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue, the North/South alley between 7th and 8th Streets from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue, and 8th Street from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue.
14,02312/03/200101-3570Traffic changes on University Avenue between 29th Street and 48th Street.
14,02211/19/200101-3474Vacating alley between 15th and 16th Streets Woodland Avenue and High Street.
14,02111/19/200101-3471vacating and abandoning two separate pedestrian access parcels from the 4200 block of S.E. 24th Street, in the Easter Bay Colony residential area to Easter Lake Park.
14,02011/19/200101-3468Rezoning property in the vicinity of 714 Scott Avenue from "R-2A" General Residential District to Limited "M-1"
14,01911/19/200101-3453Traffic regulation changes on Tiffin, Greenwood Drive, and Woods Drive.
14,01811/19/200101-3448Site Plan Regulations and Zoning Ordinance regarding vehicle display lots, including used car display lots.
14,01711/05/200101-3365Rezoning property in the vicinity of 1608 Dixon Street from "R-2A" to Limited "M-1"
14,01611/05/200101-3362Vacating remaining alleys in the block bounded by 1st and Vine Streets and by 2nd and Court Avenues.
14,01511/05/200101-3349Traffic regulation changes on E. 27th, Pleasant, E. 25th, SE 34th and Maple.
14,01411/05/200101-3346Election Precincts and Wards relating to precinct and ward descriptions.
14,01311/05/200101-3344Boundaries of the city limits.
14,01211/05/200101-3341Traffic regulation changes on 15th, Seneca and Grand
14,01111/05/200101-3339Temporary fee adjustments for the park and recreation department.
14,01011/05/200101-3337Abatement, enforcement, liability and abandonment of property in the right-of-way.
14,00911/05/200101- 3336Noise pollution.
14,00810/22/200101-3235Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2001 Forest Avenue from the "C-2" and "C-O" to Limited "NPC"
14,00710/22/200101-3232Rezoning property in the vicinity of S.E. 5th and Shaw Streets from "R1-60" to "M-1" and Limited "M-1"
14,00610/22/200101-3216Regarding a quorum of members on the Human Rights Commission
14,00510/22/200101-3210Establishing a Public Arts Program and Public Arts Commission.
14,00410/08/200101-3089Vacating Right-of-way in the 3200 block of Mahaska Parkway
14,00310/08/200101-3086Vacating Excess Land and Street Right-of-way in the vicinity of South Union and Columbus Ave.
14,00210/08/200101-3083Vacating the north/south alley between East 26th Court and East 27th Street running north of Maury Street and dead ending at the railroad right-of-way.
14,00110/08/200101-3080Vacating a strip of 62nd Street right-of-way between Grand Avenue and Walnut Hill Drive
14,00010/08/200101-3067Traffic Regulation Changes - Shawnee Acres, Gleaves Court, SW 10th and Boulder
13,99910/08/200101-3063Wildlife control on airport property.
13,99809/24/200101-2931Designating Airport Business Park as a TIF District
13,99709/24/200101-2917Traffic regulation changes: 19th, E. 9th, Garfield, Wilmers, SW 5th, E. Bell, Pleasantview Drive, SE 8th Court, E. 5th and Lyon Street
13,99609/24/200101-2915Width of skywalk corridors
13,99509/10/200101-2764Rezoning property in the vicinity of 3009 East Payton Avenue from the "A-1" and "R1-80" to "PUD"
13,99409/10/200101-2752Handicapped Parking Meter Changes, Colfax and Creston.
13,99309/10/200101-2749Hearing regarding abatement of public nuisances.
13,99209/10/200101-2747Tinted windshields and windows on motor vehicles.
13,98708/20/200101-2614Rezoning property between Court and Tuttle and between S.W. 1st Street and S.W. 7th Street from "C-3" and "C-3A" to "C-3R"
13,98608/20/200101-2605Voting precinct boundaries.
13,98508/20/200101-2598Rezoning property located in vicinity of 1518 Capitol Avenue from the "R1-60" Limited "C-2"
13,98408/20/200101-2588City truck routes and penalty for violation
13,98308/20/200101-2585Establishing the Northeast Four Mile Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System Benefited District
13,98208/20/200101-2584Rezoning property in vicinity of 1500 Woodland Avenue from an "R-HD" to an "NPC"
13,98108/20/200101-2583Rezoning property in vicinity of 4126 Ingersoll Avenue from "R-3" to "PUD"
13,98008/20/200101-2582Distribution of handbills and newspapers at private premises.
13,97908/06/200101-2454Rezoning property in vicinity of 4152 E. Jefferson Avenue from "U-1" "R1-60"
13,97808/06/200101-2450Rezoning property in vicinity of 4931 Douglas Avenue from "C-1" to Limited C-2", allowing only "C-1" uses.
13,97708/06/200101-2435Seizure, impoundment and disposition of dangerous animals.
13,97607/23/200101-2328Designating amended project area for the Airport Commerce Park South Urban Renewal Project as a TIF District.
13,97507/23/200101-2317Rezoning property in the vicinity of 655 East Army Post Road from "C-4" to the "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District classification.
13,97407/23/200101-2310Vacating any included previously unvacated right-of-way in the vicinity of East Vine Street between East 6th and East 7th Streets.
13,97307/23/200101-2292Traffic Regulation Changes--Gateway West, Park Place Estates Plat 1, Easter Lake Estates Plats 1-6, 37th, 801 Grand, 56th, SE 4th, 32nd Street.
13,97207/23/200101-2290Traffic Regulation Changes--Francis, Loomis, Lower Beaver Road, SE 3rd 6th Avenue and 8th Street.
13,97107/23/200101-2287Identifies additional planned Skywalk Corridors and Skywalk Bridges.
13,97007/23/200101-2286To expand the boundaries of the Skywalk District south of Locust Street to 16th Street.
13,96907/23/200101-2285Salaries and reimbursement of expenses for council Members
13,96807/09/200101-2142Vacating any included previously unvacated alley right-of-way in the vicinity of S.W. 6th and Market Streets.
13,96707/09/200101-2139Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 2527 Easton Boulevard from an "R1-60" to a Limited "C-1"
13,96607/09/200101-2125Municipal housing agency powers and governing board.
13,96507/09/200101-2121Adding sexual orientation as a protected class to the human rights chapter.
13,96407/09/200101-2120Amendment of the benefited district boundaries and connection fees for connection to the Southwest Airport Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System and the Northwest Airport Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System, and providing for the collection of interest on said connection fees upon deferred connection to said trunk sanitary sewers.
13,96306/18/200101-1957Rezoning property located in the vicinity of 5405 East Indianola Avenue from an "R1-80" and "R1-90" to a "PUD"
13,96206/18/200101-1939Rezoning property located in the vicinity of Four Mile Creek, between Hull Avenue and Easton Boulevard, west of E. 38th Street from an "R1-60"and "C-1" to a "S-O" Study Overlay District classification.
13,96106/18/200101-1936Creating a new S-O Study Overlay District wherein new development or redevelopment would be restricted while an identified environmental problem is studied or remedied.
13,96006/18/200101-1927Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2901 Hickman Road from an "R1-60" to a Limited "R-2"
13,95906/18/200101-1923Rezoning property in the vicinity of 1200 Bell Avenue from an "R1-60" to a Limited "C-1"
13,95806/18/200101-1910Traffic Regulation Changes - 800 Locust, SW 14th, Woods on the River Plats, Northwest Drive.
13,95706/18/200101-1907Traffic Regulation Changes - Easter Lake Park, Brook Run Village, Garfield.
13,95606/04/200101-1749Rezoning property in the vicinity of 1810 High Street from a "C-2" to a Limited "C-3A"
13,95506/04/200101-1726Vacating a portion of the 11th Street right-of-way between Cherry and Vine Streets and the remaining alleys in the block west of 11th Street between Cherry and Vine Streets.
13,95406/04/200101-1708Traffic Regulation Changes - Capitol, E. 16th, E. walnut, E. 16th, Leland, Lally, 216 SE 5th, Walker, Woodside Park, Wood's Edge Plat II, Easter Bay Colony.
13,95206/04/200101-1703Vacating a segment of SW 6th Street between a point 32.76 feet north of Market Street to Elm Street for purposes of the M.L. King Jr. Parkway project.
13,95106/04/200101-1700Traffic Regulation Changes - E. 15th, Chesterfield Neighborhood, Park Avenue, 8th north of Walnut.
13,95005/07/200101-1411Rezone 3010 E. Pine from A-1 to PUD "Three Lakes Estates II"
13,94905/07/200101-1408Rezone 7600 Fleur from R1-80 to PUD Airport Crossroads
13,94805/07/200101-1384Traffic - Leland, Sheridan, 13th, Pleasantview Drive, Relocate Army Post Road, Three Lakes Estates
13,94705/07/200101-1383Consumption of alcohol in Gray's Lake Park
13,94605/07/200101-1382Park Board to establish hours for Parks Facilities
13,94505/07/200101-1381Supermajority approval prior to rezoning
13,94405/07/200101-1380Solicit Funds - reducing % used to fund administration
13,94305/07/200101-1379Appeal of Snow Removal Citations
13,94204/23/200101-1254Traffic change to place a "T" intersection at 57th and Hickman
13,94104/16/200101-1152Hearing Officer's authority regarding nuisance abatement.
13,94004/16/200101-1133Rezoning property in vicinity of 5901 S.E. 14th Street and 1535 E. Diehl Street from "R1-80" One Family Residential District and "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to a "PUD" Planned Unit Development District.
13,93904/16/200101-11152001 Blank Park Zoo Fees .
13,93804/02/200101-1005Vacating a portion of the North/South alley extending North from University Avenue between 6th Avenue and 7th Street, 7th Street from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue, the North/South alley between 7th and 8th Streets from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue, and 8th Street from University Avenue to Indiana Avenue.
13,93704/02/200101-0995Vacating portions of the East 2nd Street right-of-way between East Grand Avenue and East Locust Street.
13,93603/26/200101-0872Rezoning property in the vicinity of 601 to 801 University Avenue from an "R-3", "C-1" and "C-2", to a "PUD"
13,93503/26/200101-0915Traffic Regulation Changes: Des Moines Street, E. Madison, 43rd, SE 13th, 1206 Mulberry, 3rd Street, Grand Ave Bridge
13,93403/26/200101-0889Rezoning property in the vicinity of 2606 Easter Lake Drive from "R1-90", to a "PUD"
13,93303/26/200101-0874Traffic regulation changes: 19th, Southridge Mall, SW 26th, 49th Street, Thornton, Des Moines Street.
13,93203/26/200101-0871Rezoning of property in the vicinity of 3700 Merle Hay Road from an "R-3" to a Limited "C-2"
13,93103/26/200101-0869Appointment and membership of the zoning board of adjustment.
13,93003/26/200101-0868Prior approval for partial exemption from property taxation on the value to be added at 2500 Dixon Street owned by Lomar Distributing Inc.
13,92903/12/200101-0737Parks Department Fees for 2001
13,92802/26/200101-0614Rezone property located between Scott Avenue and Maury Street and bounded on the west by S.E. 22nd Street and on the east by Dean's Lake from a "M-2" to a "M-1".
13,92702/26/200101-0608vacating the east/west alley right-of-way from 15th Street to the north/south alley between Center Street and Park Street
13,92602/26/200101-0604Rezone property located in the vicinity of 901 S.W. 63rd Street from a "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District and "R1-60" One Family, Low Density Residential District to a Limited "C-2" General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District classification
13,92502/26/200101-0601Rezone of property in vicinity of 3205 Douglas Avenue from "R1-60" One Family, Low Density Residential District to a Limited "C-1" Neighborhood Retail Commercial District classification
13,92402/26/200101-0575Traffic Regulation Changes - Court Avenue, 11th Place, SW 12th and 31st
13,92302/26/200101-0576Street use permits
13,92202/26/200101-0575Human rights
13,92102/12/200101-0447Rezone 2018 E. Walnut R1-60 to Ltd M-1
13,92002/12/200101-0444Vacate N/S alley ROW between 7th, 8th, School and Crocker
13,91902/12/200101-0441Vacate alley ROW E. 6th, E. 7th, E. Locust and E. Walnut
13,91802/12/200101-0424Traffic Regulation Changes - 56th and Robertson,, Park Avenue at Brody Middle School, 29th, Walker, Mondamin, 36th Street
13,91702/12/200101-0414Rezone Iowa Events Center, C-2 to C-3
13,91602/12/200101-0413Showmotion Stage Fee Structure
13,91501/22/200101-0271Vacating portions of SW 34th Street, SW 32nd Street, McKinley Avenue and Stanton Avenue.
13,91401/22/200101-0268Vacating the remaining segment of original Army Post Road from a point east of SW 28th Street to a point west of SW 30th Street.
13,91301/22/200101-0259Continuing the Downtown Des Moines Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District and providing for the continuation of an operation fund and the levy of an annual tax in connection therewith.
13,91201/22/200101-0255Rezoning certain property located in the block bounded by 7th, 8th, Crocker and School Streets, (902-7th Street), from an "R-4" High Density Residential District to a Limited "C-3A" Central Business District Support Commercial District.
13,91101/22/200101-0250Consolidating the Building Code Board of Appeals, the Electrical Board, the Plumbing Board and the Mechanical Board into a single body to be known as the Licensing and Appeals Board.
13,91001/22/200101-0249Merger of the Skywalk Commission into the Urban Renewal Board.
13,90901/22/200101-0248Amendments to the membership and appointment process of the city boards and commissions.
13,90801/22/200101-0247Regarding traffic and vehicles - 100 Market Street, 2301 Dean, 15th Street, E. 12th Street.
13,90701/22/200101-0246Rates for parking garages, 7th and Grand, and 4th and Grand.
13,90601/22/200101-0245Granting of exceptions to permit additions to be made to existing legal nonconforming buildings when such addition does not extend any further into a required yard than the existing building.
13,90501/22/200101-0244Continuation of non-conforming uses.
13,90401/08/200101-0125Vacate ROW in vicinity of 519 Waterbury Circle
13,90301/08/200101-0122Vacate alley ROW east of n/s alley between Virginia and Pleasantview west of SW 9th
13,90201/08/200101-0118Rezone 3727 SE 14th Street from R1-60 to Ltd C-2
13,90101/08/200101-0089Adding Stop Signs on Bell at SE 5th Street
13,90001/08/200101-0086Notice of Nuisance Abatement Hearings
13,89901/08/200101-0080Penalties at the Airport