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City Council Ordinances
2004 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2004.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,40312/20/200404-2784Rezone 1700 and 1800 Blocks of Forest Avenue from “C-2” General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District to “R1-60” One Family Low Density Residential District
14,40212/20/200404-2781Vacate N/S alley from University to Indiana Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets
14,40112/06/200404-2656Rezone North side of E Grand between E 15th & E 16th from “C-2” to Ltd. “NPC”
14,40012/06/200404-2653Vacate a portion of ROW of Mulberry, Cherry, 10th and N/S alley adjoining 111-10th Street.
14,39712/06/200404-2639Division lines used for naming City streets and assigning address numbers.
14,39612/06/200404-2637Traffic Regulations – Easter Lake Drive, E 22nd Ct., Beaver Ave., Cottage Grove Ave. and Locust St.
14,39512/06/200404-2635Rezone 1901-1925 Lyon St. and 1916-1922 Des Moines St. from “R1-60” to Ltd. “M-1”
14,39411/22/200404-2566Southeast Ridge Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer System Benefited District and imposing a connection fee.
14,39311/22/200404-2546Required separation between buildings under the International Building Code.
14,39211/08/200404-2442Scope of general motor vehicle repair businesses allowed in “C-2” General Retail and Highway Oriented Commercial District.
14,39111/08/200404-2438Rezone 615 Park Street from “C-2” to “C-3”.
14,39011/08/200404-2434Vacate south 130’ of a dead end segment of the N/S alley running south of E Lacona between SE 8th and SE 8th Ct.
14,38911/08/200404-2420Vacate 3rd Street from University to Laurel (repeal 14,377)
14,38811/08/200404-2418Traffic Regulations – 4 way stops, Madison, Forest, 6th Avenue, SE 8th Ct., Wolcott and 6th Avenue.
14,38711/08/200404-2416Snow Routes
14,38611/08/200404-2413Snow & Ice Removal penalties
14,38511/08/200404-2411Traffic Regulations – 34th Street and Thornton Ct.
14,38410/25/200404-2320Rezone 5450 NE 23rd Avenue (Easton) from “A-1” to Ltd. PUD
14,38310/25/200404-2312Vacate E/W alley between Ingersoll and Grand from 16th to 17th
14,38210/25/200404-2309Vacate Monroe Street ROW in vicinity of 1300 SE 1st
14,38110/25/200404-2294Traffic regulations – Gray, 19th and Creston.
14,38010/25/200404-2290Vacate N/S & E/W alleys in block bounded by E Vine, E Market, SE 7th & SE 8th
14,37910/11/200404-2164Traffic Regulations- 8th St., 21st St., 30th St., E 43rd Ct. and 8th St.
14,37810/11/200404-2162Traffic Regulations- 2nd Avenue
14,37709/27/200404-2091Vacate 3rd Street from University to Laurel Avenue
14,37609/27/200404-2086Vacate R-O-W in vicinity of Evergreen Ave., SE 24th St. and E Watrous Ave.
14,37509/27/200404-2083Vacate E/W segment of alley between Clark St. and College Ave. running from 9th St. west to the N/S alley.
14,37409/27/200404-2069Penalties for wreckless/careless driving in road work zone areas
14,37309/27/200404-2065Rezone 818 & 840 Polk Blvd. From “R1-80” to Ltd. “PUD”
14,37209/13/200404-1947Rezone 2501 E University from “C-1” to Ltd. “C-2”
14,37109/13/200404-1929Traffic Regulations- Four-way stops, Cottage Grove, 9th St., E 4th St., 11th St., SE 14th Ct., Carpenter Ave., Des Moines St., Hunter Ave., E Sheridan Ave., E 4th St. and Des Moines St.
14,37009/13/200404-1927Traffic Regulations- SW 38th Place, Sweetwater Drive
14,36908/23/200404-1815Rename Sec Taylor Stadium to Principal Park Stadium
14,36808/09/200404-1721Rezone 1200 4th St. from “R1-60” and “NPC” to “PUD”
14,36708/09/200404-1712Airport Board powers and responsibilities
14,36607/26/200404-1630Gardens and plants on City ROW and City property
14,36507/26/200404-1625Vacate N/S alley ROW between Granger & Dunham and between Indianola & South Union
14,36407/26/200404-1622Vacate E/W & N/S alley between Arthur Ave. and E Holcomb, West of Saylor Rd.
14,36307/26/200404-1619Rezone Property bounded by Des Moines St., E Court Avenue, E 7th St. and E 2nd St., to impose the “PSO” district in addition to the existing zoning district
14,36207/26/200404-1616Creating a “PSO” Pedestrian Sign Overlay District
14,36107/26/200404-1613Establishing a “GGP” Gambling Games Prohibition District
14,36007/26/200404-1605Traffic Regulations – E 18th St., Kirkwood Avenue, Ure St., Walnut St.
14,35907/26/200404-1602Stormwater management assessment subsidy credits
14,35807/26/200404-1600Vacate N/S alley North of E Ovid between Cornell and Columbus
14,35707/12/200404-1481Rezone 1710 S. Union from “R-3” to Ltd. “M-1”
14,35607/12/200404-1478Rezone 3817 & 3819 E 14th from “M-1” to “PUD”
14,35507/12/200404-1475Rezone 3749 E University from “C-1” and “R1-60” to Ltd. “C-2”
14,35407/12/200404-1463Traffic Regulations – Aurora Avenue, 15th Street, E 35th St., 38th St., Grand Avenue, Locust St., E Ovid Avenue
14,35307/12/200404-1461Unfit residential structures
14,35206/21/200404-1356Rezone 833 42nd Street from “C-1” & “R1-60” to “NPC”
14,35106/21/200404-1352Rezone 1022 Des Moines St. from “C-O” to Ltd. “NPC”
14,35006/21/200404-1346Vacate E/W alley between Ingersoll and Grand from 16th to 17th Streets
14,34906/21/200404-1343Rezone 1220 Ure St. and 1223 E 21st St. from “R1-60” to Ltd. “C-2”
14,34806/21/200404-1334Traffic Regulations – SE 4th St., SW 5th St., E 6th St., 8th St., E 11th St., E 36th Ct., E Bell Ave., Burlington Terr., College Avenue, Des Moines St., Gleaves Ct., Locust St., Nash Drive, Wakonda Pkwy., 5th Ave., 8th St., and E 6th St.
14,34706/21/200404-1332Powers and duties of the Public Housing Board
14,34606/21/200404-1328Procurement by solicitation of competitive bids and procurement by request for proposals
14,34506/07/200404-1235Fleur Drive Commercial Urban Renewal Area
14,34406/07/200404-1219Elimination of Public Arts Commission and provide for administration of program by a non-profit agency
14,34306/07/200404-1216Vacate N/S alley adjoining 3009 SW 9th Street
14,34207/12/200404-1469Gas Franchise Fee
14,34107/12/200404-1470Electric Franchise Fee
14,34005/17/200404-1067Zoning enforcement officer to issue written zoning determinations and allow for collection of fee for such determinations
14,33905/17/200404-1048Traffic Regulations – Four way stops
14,33805/17/200404-1046Traffic Regulations – 5th St., SW 6th St. and 13th Street
14,33704/19/200404-0840Traffic Regulations – 4th St. and Walnut St.
14,33604/19/200404-0838Traffic Regulations – Traffic lanes allocated, 6th Ave., 41st St., E Fleming Avenue, Park St.
14,33504/19/200404-0836Rezone property bounded by I-235, Des Moines St., E 4th and Robert D. Ray Dr. from M-1 to D-R
14,33404/19/200404-0835Rezone Raccoon, Allen, Scott, SE 4th, SE 2nd and SE 3rd from M-1 to D-R
14,33304/05/200404-0746Mercy Hospital rezoning to PUD
14,33204/05/200404-0743Rezone 26 E Hartford Ave. from Ltd. C-1 to R-3
14,33104/05/200404-0736Adoption of regulations by the Des Moines International Airport Board
14,33004/05/200404-0732Traffic Regulations – Grand Ave., Lakeland Ct., Lakewood Lane, Ridgeview Dr.
14,32904/05/200404-0729Parades and Street Use
14,32803/22/200404-0646Rezone 3400 E Payton from R1-80 to PUD
14,32703/22/200404-0642Rezone 2001 High St. from Ltd. C-2 to an amended Ltd. C-2
14,32603/22/200404-0632Downtown Riverfront site plan approval
14,32503/22/200404-0626City residency requirements for part-time employees
14,32403/22/200404-0624Rezone Downtown Riverfront Area & repeal Ord. #14,294
14,32303/22/200404-0622Blank Park Zoo Fees
14,32203/22/200404-0620Traffic Regulations – Four way stops, Ingersoll, 4th St., 7th St., 12th St, 16th St., SE 27th St, SE 35th St., SE 35th Ct., E 42nd St., E 52nd St., E 53rd Ct., Adams Ave., E Bell Ave., Brockway Dr., Brook Ridge Circle, Brook Ridge Ct., Brook Run Dr., Eagle Point Circle, E Emma Ave., Evergreen Ave., Fayrdale Dr., Franklin Ave., High Street, E Luster Lane, Meadow Ct., Meadowlands Dr., Oaklyn Dr., Skyline Dr., Stream Side Circle, Sweetwater Dr., Village Run Dr., Walker St., Walnut Ridge Dr., Walnut St., Wolcott Ave., 7th St. and 12th St.
14,32103/08/200404-0533Police Only Parking at 611 Forest Avenue
14,32002/23/200404-0418Vacate E/W alley ROW in block bounded by E Grand Ave. and Des Moines St., E 4th St. and E 5th St.
14,31902/23/200404-0408Nuisance abatement process and procedure
14,31802/23/200404-0403Vacate SW 28th Ct., SW 28th St., SW 30th St. and Littell between previously vacated Army Post Rd. and Relocated Army Post Rd.
14,31702/23/200404-0402Vacate Vale St., Railroad Ct., Railroad Ave., SE 24th Ct. and SE 25th Street
14,31602/09/200404-0306Police Dept. Junking and Cert. Fees
14,31502/09/200404-0297Parks Dept. Fees
14,31402/09/200404-0296Flowers & Plantings on ROW and City property
14,31301/24/200404-0209Rezone 5801 SE 14th from R1-80 to Ltd. C-2
14,31201/24/200404-0205Rezone 8900 85th Avenue from A-1 to PUD
14,31101/24/200404-0190Downtown SSMID expansion
14,31001/24/200404-0201Rezone 1600 & 1630 6th Avenue from C-1 to Ltd. NPC
14,30901/12/200404-0085Traffic Regulations – Four way stops, Aurora speed limit
14,30801/12/200404-0083Qualifications of Skywalk Committee