City Council Ordinances
2005 Ordinances
The table below lists the City Council ordinances for the year 2005.
OrdinanceDateRoll CallDescription
14,52912/19/200505-3041Text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance regarding uses that may be allowed by a Special Permit issued by the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the conditions and procedures for issuance of such Special Permits.
14,52812/19/200505-3034Rezone vicinity of 111 E. 28th Street from “M-1” to “R1-60”.
14,52712/19/200505-3031Rezone vicinity of 920 E. Hillside from “U-1” to Ltd. “R1-60”.
14,52612/19/200505-3027Rezone vicinity of 9536 County Line Rd. from “A-1” to Ltd. “C-2”.
14,52512/19/200505-3021Amending fees for golf courses, Sylvan Theater and Garden reservations, swimming pools and Birdland Marina.
14,52412/19/200505-3019Park & Recreation Director to Permit Bow Hunting in City Parks.
14,52312/05/200505-2921Vacating Webster St., N of Hillside and E/W alley between S Union St. and previously vacated Webster St. N of Hillside.
14,52212/05/200505-2918Vacating N/S alley between 23rd and 24th Street, extending 528’ S of Lincoln Avenue.
14,52112/05/200505-2913Traffic regulations- Petition for One-Sided Parking Restriction-Crestmoor Drive between Bel-Aire Road and 50th Street; Request to remove Two-Sided Parking Restriction-Wolcott Avenue between SW 30th and SW 31st Streets.
14,52012/05/200505-2911Sixty-day administrative right-to-sue release.
14,51912/05/200505-2908Parking increases for parking meters and City owned parking garages and parking lots.
14,51812/05/200505-2906Traffic regulations - NEW Administrative process for corner clearance parking restrictions up to 150 feet; Corner Clearance Extension-North side of Arthur Avenue, east of E. 14th Street; Corner Clearance – South side of Chamberlain Drive, west of 45th Place.
14,51711/21/200505-2830Rezone north of Filmore Street between E. 8th and E. 9th Streets from Ltd. “C-1” and “C-2” to Ltd. “NPC”.
14,51611/21/200505-2826Rezone 5219 NE 38th Avenue from “A-1” and “PUD” to Ltd. “R1-80”.
14,51511/21/200505-2822Vacating dead-end segment of SW 59th Street running South of Tonka Avenue.
14,51411/21/200505-2819Vacating subsurface rights on right-of-way adjoining 417 6th Avenue.
14,51311/21/200505-2809Traffic Regulations- Parking Restriction- Both sides of Carr Street from E. 32nd Street to E. 34th Street; Realignment of Existing Parking Meters, Loading Zone and Resident Permit Parking Area – 13th Street between Locust and Grand Avenue; Realignment of Existing Parking Meters- Locust Street between9th Street and 10th Street.
14,51211/21/200505-2806Vacating right-of-way from the north side of Ingersoll, adjoining property at 2811 Ingersoll.
14,51111/07/200505-2708Rezone east of HWY 65/69 and south of the North River from “A-1” to “R1-60”, Ltd. “R1-60”, Ltd. “C-2” and “U-1”.
14,51011/07/200505-2698City Attorneys to sign notices and affidavits to convert tax sale certificates.
14,50910/24/200505-2596Vacating N/S alley between SE 4th and SE 5th Street from Scott Avenue to Shaw Street.
14,50810/24/200505-2593Vacating N/S alley between SW 1st and 2nd Streets between Dunham and Granger Avenue along with a portion of Granger Avenue r-o-w lying north of and adjoining alley.
14,50710/24/200505-2579Exceptions to the definition of swimming pools.
14,50610/24/200505-2577Traffic Regulations- Revisions to parking restrictions in the vicinity of the Science Center of Iowa; Revisions to parking restrictions on SE 2nd Street from East Jackson Avenue to East Edison Avenue; Revisions to parking restrictions on Oakridge Drive from Keosauqua Way to 15th Street; Clarification of parking restrictions in municipal facilities.
14,50510/10/200505-2492Rezone 1101 E 6th St. from “C-2” and “R1-60” to “PUD”.
14,50410/10/200505-2488Rezone 1700 E Aurora Avenue from Ltd. “M-2” to an amended Ltd. “M-2”.
14,50310/10/200505-2485Rezone 4401 NE 46th St. from “A-1” to “R1-80”.
14,50210/10/200505-2479City water works billing procedures, late payment charges and delinquent accounts.
14,50110/10/200505-2477Housing Code to implement late payment penalty and interest assessment of delinquent costs and clarification of the appeal process.
14,50010/10/200505-2475Residency restrictions for sex offenders.
14,49910/10/200505-2473Salary of Mayor and Council Members.
14,49809/26/200505-2381Rezone 1720 SW 1st St. from “M-1” to “R-4”.
14,49709/26/200505-2377Rezone 4615 NE Hubbell Avenue from “A-1” to “PUD”.
14,49609/26/200505-2374Rezone 2629 E 29th St. and 2903 Grandview Ave. from “R1-60” to “C-1”.
14,49509/26/200505-2371Vacate 62nd St. r-o-w between Grand Avenue and Walnut Hill Drive. Repeals Ordinance No. 14,444.
14,49409/26/200505-2368Vacate 36th St. r-o-w, south of Douglas Avenue.
14,49309/26/200505-2359Taxicab trip rates.
14,49209/26/200505-2357Preference for local goods and services.
14,49109/26/200505-2354Traffic regulations- Corner clearance-south side of Indiana Avenue, west of 2nd Avenue; Parking restriction-east side of South Union Street from E. Dunham Avenue to E. Edison Avenue.
14,49009/26/200505-2353New Plumbing Code.
14,48909/26/200505-2352Vacate 14th Street and remaining alley r-o-w and reserved easements for public utilities within a two-block area between Locust Street and Grand Avenue and between 13th and 15th Streets.
14,48809/12/200505-2256Vacate N/S alley lying east of and adjoining Lot 18, Drake University 3rd Addition.
14,48709/12/200505-2253Vacate SE 12th St. r-o-w between Maury Street and Railroad Avenue.
14,48609/12/200505-2245Traffic regulations - Parking restriction-east side of SE 28th Street from Brockway Drive to the cul-de-sac; Revision to school passenger loading and unloading zones; Revision to parking prohibition during certain hours on certain days; Revision to agree with actual on-street conditions -7th Street between Walnut Street and Locust Street; Parking revisions due to ongoing construction of the Gateway West Project; Parking meter revisions – south side of Park Street between 5th Avenue and 7th Street.
14,48509/12/200505-2238Septic tank system municipal infractions and administrative penalties.
14,48409/12/200505-2237Use and maintenance of drainage facilities and illicit discharge into City’s stormwater system.
14,48308/22/200505-2087Des Moines International Airport Board composition.
14,48208/22/200505-2085Board of Power Engineer Examiners exemption of term limits.
14,48108/22/200505-2083Citizen Odor Board waived term limits.
14,48008/08/200505-1959Rezoning of 4180 NE 43rd Ct. from “A-1” and “C-2” to Ltd. “C-2” and “R1-80”.
14,47908/08/200505-1955Rezoning of 1500 27th Street and 2806 Clark Street from “R1-60” to Ltd. “R-3”.
14,47808/08/200505-1951Rezoning of 2722, 2209 and 2911 E 16th Street from “R1-60” to “PUD”.
14,47708/08/200505-1947Rezoning of 2019 Ingersoll Avenue from “C-2” and “C-3A” to Ltd. “NPC”.
14,47608/08/200505-1937Traffic Regulations- Corner Clearances-south side of Ingersoll Avenue, east of 31st Street; north side of Ingersoll Avenue, east of 34th Street; west side of 22nd Street, south of University Avenue; east side of 24th Street, north of Clark Street; south side of College Avenue, west of 24th Street; north side of College Avenue, east of 24th Street; east side of 24th Street, south of College Avenue; west side of 24th Street, north of College Avenue; west side of 28th Street, south of College Avenue; east side of 29th Street, south of Clark Street; east side of 23rd Street, north and south of Clark Street; south side of Allison Avenue, east and west of 27th Street; East side of 24th Street, north and south of 24th Drive; South side of Wrenwood Drive, west of 26th Street and East side of SE 4th Street, north and south of Raccoon Street.
14,47508/08/200505-1935Vacation of E/W alley between 23rd and 24th Street, south of University Avenue.
14,47408/08/200505-1933Vacation of air rights over E/W alley adjoining 112-11th Street.
14,47308/08/200505-1932Adoption of the 2003 International Fire Code.
14,47207/25/200505-1820Traffic Regulations- Corner Clearance to facilitate movement of Solid Waste Vehicles-both sides of Washington Avenue, east of 38th Street; Corner Clearances-West side of 29th Street, south of Grand; Court Avenue traffic revisions.
14,47107/25/200505-1817Definition and regulation of transfer stations.
14,47007/25/200505-1814Rezoning 1800 Euclid Avenue from “M-1” to “C-1”.
14,46907/25/200505-1813Rezoning 1810 Euclid Avenue from “M-1” to Ltd. “C-2”.
14,46807/18/200505-1725Vacation of portions of N/S alleys in two blocks between SE 6th and SE 7th Street bisected by Shaw Street, previously vacated portion of Shaw Street between SE 6th and SE 7th Street and the south ½ of Lot 5 north of and adjoining vacated Shaw Street.
14,46707/18/200505-1714Traffic Regulations- Corner Clearances-west side of SW 13th Place, north of Elder Lane; west side of 15th Street, north and south of Bridal Row; south side of Caulder Avenue, east of SW 12th Place; east side of E. 8th Street, north of east Douglas Avenue; west side of E. 9th Street, south of East Seneca Avenue; north side of Hillcrest Drive, east of Lower Beaver Road; Parking restriction to facilitate movement of solid waste vehicles-north side of Randolph Street from SW 12th Street to the dead end; Installation of parking metered spaces-south side of Park Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Street.
14,46607/18/200505-1712Youth Advisory Board Composition.
14,46507/18/200505-1701Des Moines Music Commission.
14,46406/20/200505-1562Rezoning of 2220-44th Street from “C-1” to “R1-60”.
14,46306/20/200505-1553Construction of heated sidewalks.
14,46206/06/200505-1452Amending various animal regulations.
14,46106/06/200505-1427Vacation and conveyance of E/W alley between Olinda Avenue and Davis Avenue from SW 1st to Highland Street.
14,46006/06/200505-1424Vacation and conveyance of excess E 25th Street right-of-way lying west of and adjoining 2501 University Avenue.
14,45906/06/200505-1421Vacation and conveyance of Lyon Street from Hubbell Avenue to its current terminus.
14,45806/06/200505-1416Traffic regulations- Corner Clearance-North Side of Easton Boulevard, West of Searle Street; Loading Zone – East Side of 11th Street, North of College Avenue; Code Update – Parking Meter Districts; Reinstallation of Parking Meters Adjacent to the Science Center of Iowa; Parking Restriction Revisions in the Area of 13th Street and Walnut Street; Parking Restriction Revisions in the Area of 12th Street and Cherry Street; Parking Restriction Revision Due to Closure of Clark Street and 28th Street; Parking Restriction Revision – Adjacent to the Federal Building; Parking Restrictions to Facilitate Movement of Solid Waste Vehicles – East Side of Glenarm Court, North of Welbeck Road to the Dead End North; Revision of Parking Restriction to Appropriate Section of the Municipal Code; Corner Clearance – South Side of Chicago Avenue, West of East 29th Street; Parking Restriction Extension – South Side of Ascension Street, East of 12th Street.
14,45705/23/200505-1336Rezoning property in vicinity of 200 and 122 SW 16th Street to “S-O” District regulations.
14,45605/23/200505-1335Rezoning Riverpoint West area from “M-1” and “M-2” to new “C-3B”.
14,45505/23/200505-1333Establishing design guidelines for review of site plans for development within “C-3B” District and approval of site plans for vehicle display lots in all districts.
14,45405/23/200505-1332Create new “C-3B” (Central Business Mixed Use) District.
14,45305/23/200505-1326Revise the term that special event signage may be granted for recognized neighborhood groups from a maximum of 10 days to 30 days.
14,45205/23/200505-1323Rezoning of property at SE 6th and Shaw from “R1-60” to Ltd. “M-1”.
05/23/200505-1316Rezoning portions of “M-2” to “M-1”.
14,45005/23/200505-1313Amending zoning regulations in “M-1” and “M-2” and amending the maintenance and allowed height of fences.
14,44905/23/200505-1309Traffic regulations- Corner Clearance-South Side of East Marion Street, East of SE 3rd Street; Removal of One Metered Parking Space-East Side of 15th Street, North of Grand Avenue; Corner Clearance-East Side of SE 22nd Street, North of East Marion Street; Corner Clearance-South Side of Watson Avenue, West of Saylor Road; Corner Clearance-North Side of East Kirkwood Avenue, West of SE 8th Court; Corner Clearance-West Side of 29th Street, South of Cottage Grove Avenue; Various Handicapped Parking Meter Revisions; Corner Clearance-South Side of Prospect Road, East of 25th Street.
14,44805/23/200505-1306Additional definitions and charges for solid waste collection services at Multi-family units.
05/23/200505-1305Adopt 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Existing Building Code, portions of the 2003 International Residential Code, 2003 International Mechanical Code, 2003 International Fuel Gas Code, 2005 National Electric Code, and miscellaneous amendments and reorganization.
14,44605/09/200505-1199Rezone 2711 Douglas from “C-1” to Ltd. “C-2”.
14,44505/09/200505-1196Rezone 1510 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy. from “C-O” to Ltd. “C-1”.
14,44405/09/200505-1192Vacate 62nd Street ROW between Grand Avenue and Walnut Hill Drive, Repeals Ordinance No. 14,001.
14,44305/09/200505-1188Type A sound permit, permitted hours of operation.
14,44205/09/200505-1184Rezone 900 18th Street from “C-2”, “R-HD”, “R-3”, “R1-60” to “R-3”, “R-HD” and “NPC”.
14,44105/09/200505-1178Parking Restrictions to Facilitate New Drop-Off Postal Boxes, south side of Grand Avenue between 14th Street and 15th Street.
14,44005/05/200505-1094Issuance of 5-day liquor licenses for special events.
14,43904/25/200505-1026Vacate N/S alley between SE 15th Street and SE 15th Court from Maury to Shaw Streets.
14,43804/25/200505-1022Rezone 1223 5th Avenue from “R1-60” to “PUD”.
14,43704/25/200505-1016Traffic regulations -Speed and One-Way Streets Code Update, Prohibited/Limited Parking Code Update, Parking Meter and Time Zones Code Update, Miscellaneous Chapter 114 Sections Code Update, Parking Time Restriction for Handicapped Parking Meter—500 Block of Locust Street, Parking Time Restriction for Handicapped Parking Meter—500 Block of Locust Street, Modification of Parking Restrictions—Vicinity of Iowa Events Center, Convert Meter EG-511 from a Handicapped Parking Meter to a Standard Use Parking Meter, Corner Clearance—North Side of Elizabeth Avenue, east of E. 22nd Street, Stop Signs and Parking Restrictions—47th Street at Euclid Avenue, Parking Restriction Modifications due to the Addition of a Left-Turn Lane near the Iowa Events Center—Crocker Street and 5th Avenue.
14,43604/25/200505-1013Golf course green fees.
14,43504/25/200505-1009Clover Hill Area Trunk Sanitary Sewer connection fees.
14,43404/25/200505-1006Wastewater collection and treatment services.
14,43304/25/200505-1005Airport Board powers and duties.
14,43204/25/200505-1004Neighborhood inspection rental code, real estate installment contract sales inspection and residential public nuisance code.
14,43104/11/200505-0930Planned skywalk corridor and skywalk bridge.
14,43004/11/200505-0906Rezoning 1832 Delaware from Ltd. “C-1” and “C-0” to Ltd. “M-1”.
14,42904/11/200505-0899Vacate dead end portion of Clark Street, west from 23rd Street and a 110’ segment of N/S alley, north of Clark Street.
14,42804/11/200505-0895Traffic regulations – Hubbell Avenue crossing, Dean Avenue crossing, Capitol Avenue crossing, Des Moines Street crossing, E 5th Street crossing, E 4th Street crossing, E Grand Avenue crossing, Easton Blvd. crossing, E 3rd Street crossing, SE 13th Street crossing, E 34th Street crossing, E Walnut Street crossing, E Euclid Avenue crossing, Grand Avenue crossing, Hull Avenue crossing, Maury Street crossing, Park Avenue crossing, 63rd Street crossing, SW 63rd Street crossing, SE 18th Street crossings, E 6th Street crossings, Vandalia Rd. crossing, 8th Street crossings, 5th Avenue crossings, Water Street crossings, 4th Street crossings, 9th Street crossings, 2nd Avenue crossings, E 1st Street crossing, E 2nd Street crossing, 6th Avenue crossing, 7th Street crossing, E 7th Street crossing, 12th Street crossing, 16th Street crossing, Dixon Street crossing, E Madison Avenue crossing, Mahaska Pkwy. Crossing, Army Post Rd., Old Army Post Rd., E Aurora Avenue, Hubbell Avenue, Beaver Avenue, E Bell Avenue, Center Street, Cherry Street, College Avenue, Cottage Grove Avenue, E County Line Rd., Court Avenue, E Court Avenue, Crocker St., E Diehl Avenue, Douglas Avenue, Easton Blvd., E Euclid Avenue, Fleur Drive, Forest Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Fremont Street, Grand Avenue, E Grand Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Guthrie Avenue, Hickman Rd., Hull Avenue, Indianola Avenue, Interstate 235, Iowa Hwy 28, East Jackson Avenue, Kingman Blvd., Laurel St., E Locust St, Lower Beaver Rd., Madison Avenue, McKinley Avenue, SW McKinley Avenue, Merle Hay Rd., MTA Lane, Mulberry Street, Park Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Polk Blvd., Tuttle St., University Avenue, E University Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Walker Street, Walnut Street, E Walnut Street, Watrous Avenue, Watson Powell Jr. Way, SE 14th Street, Beaver Avenue, Douglas Avenue, Evergreen Avenue, Indianola Rd., US Highway 69, 3rd Street, 42nd Street, 24th Street, Holcomb Avenue, SE 6th Street, 24th Street, and Clark Street.
14,42704/11/200505-0890Vacate a segment of N/S alley between 41st Street and 42nd Street from Rollins Avenue to a point 250 feet to the north.
14,42603/28/200505-0772Vacate a segment of 24th Place between a point 330’ north of College Avenue and 24th Street.
14,42503/28/200505-0760Blank Park Zoo fees.
14,42403/28/200505-0758Golf car rental fees.
14,42303/28/200505-07562005 Park & Recreation fees.
14,42203/07/200505-0591Vacate a portion of E 7th Street between Lyon and I-235. Repeals Ordinance No. 14,411.
14,42103/07/200505-0581Traffic regulations – Four-way stop intersections, E 30th Street, 27th Street, SE 1st Street, 3rd Street, 6th Avenue, SW 6th Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, SW 8th Street, 9th Street, SW 9th Street, 12th Street, SW 12th Street, SE 14th Street, 15th Street, E 15th Street, 19th Street, SE 28th Street, Army Post Rd., Ascension Street, Bancroft Street, Center Street, Court Avenue, E Court Avenue, Douglas Avenue, Fleur Drive, Grand Avenue, E Grand Avenue, Indianola Avenue, IA HWY 28, IA HWY 5, Johnson Court, Locust Street, Raccoon Street, Walnut Street, E Walnut Street, 6th Avenue, 27th Street, 28th Street, 29th Street, Clark Street, Forest Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Meek Avenue, Mondamin Avenue, Moyer Street, and 5th Avenue.
14,42003/07/200505-0579Number of cats and dogs allowed per household.
14,41903/07/200505-0573Signage and allowed building height in “D-R” Downtown Riverfront District.
14,41803/07/200505-0572Traffic regulations – W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway crossing, Four-way stop intersections, 425 E Grand Municipal Parking Lot, 19th Street, Fleur Drive, Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy., Crocker Street, E 40th Ct., 10th Street, 27th Street, Meek Avenue, Polk Blvd., E Walnut Street and E 4th Street.
14,41703/07/200505-0571Exception for single-family dwelling and duplexes occupied by the owner’s immediate family.
14,41602/28/200505-0472Vacate 8’ wide southern most E/W alley right-of-way running E of vacated 11th Street between Cherry and Vine Streets.
14,41502/28/200505-0463Confinement/leashing/licensing and seizure and destruction of vicious animals.
14,41402/28/200505-0453Storage and display of products containing pseudoephedrine.
14,41302/07/200505-0356Railroad crossing at 5200 Park Avenue.
14,41202/07/200505-0335Rezone 1500 & 1520 Euclid from “R1-60” to Ltd. “C-1”.
14,41102/07/200505-0331Vacate a portion of E 7th Street between Lyon Street and I-235.
14,41001/24/200505-0215Rezone 900 Williams Street from “R1-60” to “PUD”.
14,40901/24/200505-0220Vacating 3rd Street from University to Laurel. Repeals Ordinance No. 14,389.
14,40801/24/200505-0205Exception to competitive bidding procedure when procured through Polk County competitive bidding procedure.
14,40701/24/200505-0202Minimum height of signs in “C-3A” Central Business district Support Commercial District to encourage monument signs.
14,40601/24/200505-0200Type and size of signs allowed in the Sign Overlay District.
14,40501/10/200505-0080Vacate E/W Alley between Des Moines and Lyon Streets, 1906 Des Moines Street.
14,40401/10/200505-0075Traffic Regulations- Four-way stops, 3rd Street, 9th Street, 12th Street, 15th Street, SE 18th Street, SE 19th Street, High Street, E Lacona Avenue, Polk Blvd., and Woodland Ave.